What are the most common causes of pedestrian accidents?

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

What are the most common causes of pedestrian accidents?

A recent report by Smart Growth America found the risk for pedestrian fatalities has gone up over the past two years. The report found that California had 6,616 pedestrian deaths between 2005 and 2014, placing the state at rank 17 for pedestrian risk.

Findings from the Governors Highway Safety Association back in 2015 revealed that California was well above the national average in regards to the percentage of pedestrian deaths. At the time, 23% of all motor vehicle deaths within the state were pedestrians.

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents

Across the nation, thousands of pedestrians are injured due to collisions with automobiles each year. Pedestrian accidents are often caused by negligence or the inattentiveness of a driver, and can result in devastating injuries or even death.

However, a pedestrian who is not taking reasonable care for their own safety also causes some accidents. You could be at risk for an accident if you ignore a walk sign at an intersection or wear dark clothing during nighttime.
Some of the main causes of accidents are:

  1. Unmarked Crosswalks: A large percentage of accidents occur at intersections, and use of a crosswalk generally reduces the chance of an accident. A majority of accidents occur on sunny days when people are usually outside and walking around.
  2. Alcohol Use: DUI is a serious crime and is not taken lightly by the authorities or in the court system. Many pedestrian accidents involving the use of alcohol result in a fatality.
  3. Electronics Usage: The usage of electronics by both drivers and pedestrians can contribute to accidents. If a person is texting, listening to music, or otherwise distracted by a device, it can result in an accident due to inattentiveness.
  4. Left-Hand Turns: These turns can lead to an accident because there is more of a chance the driver and a pedestrian are looking in different directions. Statistics have shown that the amount of pedestrians hit by someone turning left is three times more than if someone was turning right.
  5. Quiet Cars: Cars that are battery-operated or are hybrid have been shown to be more prone to get in an accident. Pedestrians may not be able to hear the car as it navigates around turns or if it is moving slowly.
  6. Arterial Roads: Roads that facilitate traffic on and off the freeway can be useful to help control the flow of vehicles. However, these roads are often stopping points for buses or have some sort of pedestrian activity, ultimately increasing the risk of an accident.  A 2010 report from the University of North Carolina revealed that most urban pedestrian accidents happen on arterial roads.

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