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A man smoking an e-cigarette by a school.

E-Cigarettes Are Now Infiltrating our Schools

  • May 1 2018

There is a new craze making its way into high schools across the nation, the Juul e-cigarette. This outbreak has been covered by Newsweek and various other media outlets. The Juul is an e-cigarette that looks like a flash drive. The device vaporizes nicotine, and other chemicals and flavorings that gives you the feel of smoking a cigarette, without the harm of smoking a cigarette. Well, that was the plan at least. As it turns out, inhaling any kind of smoke or vapor (that is derived from chemicals) is not too great for your lungs..

Up in Vapor: The Anatomy of E-Cigarette Explosion Cases

  • Dec 27 2016

Q: Who is responsible for my e-cigarette injuries?

You are probably aware of the wildly popular e-cigarette- a mechanical, copy-cat cigarette-style device originally marketed to help smokers kick the nicotine habit. E-cigarettes mimic the smoking experience as users inhale a fluid-based vapor from the plastic or metal device shaped like a cigarette.

In order to produce the “smoky” vapor, e-cigarettes use a lithium ion battery and heating element to bring the fluid to vaporization. The problem is, the batteries can overheat causing a chain reaction that leads to an explosion–sending pieces of shrapnel into the faces,