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Redding, California, where one of J&Y Law Firm’s many offices is located, is a picturesque city north of Sacramento, 120 miles south of the Oregon border. The surrounding area is perfect for individuals and families who enjoy hiking, fishing, and all types of outdoor adventures since the region is full of beautiful parks with interesting histories. Some of the lovely and fascinating sights visitors flock to see in Redding are Turtle Bay Exploration Park, which includes an arboretum, botanical gardens and a museum with natural history exhibits; Shasta State Historic Park which houses the ruins of an 1800s Gold Rush mining town; and Whiskeytown National Recreation Area which boasts several waterfalls and a lake. One of the most startling spectacles of Redding is Sundial Bridge which not only works as a suspension bridge spanning the Sacramento River, but also serves as a tremendous, fully functional sundial.  

Unfortunately, as we have all become increasingly aware, the fact that a place is laden with natural and man-made wonders does not mean that it is a haven where safety and comfort reign. J&Y Law, as a firm of comprehensive personal injury attorneys, is well-practiced in fighting for clients who have suffered serious personal injuries, even in Redding, California. We work hard to make sure that the injured parties receive just compensation for their physical pain, emotional trauma, lost wages, and any resulting disabilities. At J&Y Law Firm, we cover all types of personal injury cases, including:

Child Abuse and Neglect

While all personal injury cases trigger our compassion and often our anger, cases of child abuse and neglect are among the most distressing. It is difficult to imagine anyone anywhere deliberately hurting a defenseless child; the fact that such despicable acts can occur on our own turf is truly heartbreaking. Nonetheless, our attorneys are prepared to handle the child abuse and neglect cases that do, unfortunately, come our way. We will focus on such cases here as an illustration of how thoroughly and efficiently we work to obtain justice for our clients.

Defining Child Neglect

Child neglect is, in fact, a form of child abuse, meaning that the caregiver does not meet the child’s basic needs. Someone who neglects a child may fail to provide proper nutrition, clothing, housing, health care, supervision, and/or may fail to provide affection, physical comfort, social contact, or safety.

Defining Child Abuse

Any of the following actions are included under the umbrella of child abuse:

  • Physical injury inflicted deliberately on a child by another person
  • Sexual abuse, assault or exploitation of a child
  • Willful harm, endangerment of the child or the child’s health
  • Inhumane corporal punishment or injury resulting in trauma
  • Threat of any such treatment

It should be noted that we are all responsible for protecting any child whom we suspect is being neglected or abused. While teachers, counselors, therapists, coaches, religious leaders and others who routinely supervise youngsters are held particularly accountable in terms of reportage of adult mistreatment of children, any person who has “reasonable suspicion” that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect, is legally responsible to report such maltreatment to the proper authorities. It is not necessary to be present when the abuse occurs to have this responsibility to the child and the community. Tragically, of course, some the adults mentioned are the very ones who inflict abuse. As we are all too aware, parents can also play the roles of abusers.

No Corporal Punishment in the Schools of Redding, California

In 1977, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporal punishment was allowed in public schools despite parental objection, pushing most states to pass laws prohibiting physical punishment in their own public schools. Corporal punishment became illegal in the public schools of California as of 1986, even if the parent consents to it. This means that, though a teacher may break up a fight or restrain a child to keep her from hurting herself, no California teacher has the right to injure, or threaten to injure, your child.

Personal Injury Lawsuits as Legal Remedies for Corporal Punishment

Once a knowledgeable attorney from J&Y Law takes over your case, you can rest assured that the teacher, babysitter, camp counselor, member of the clergy, police officer, social worker or other caregiver will be held accountable for perpetuating, or failing to report, your child’s injuries. Depending on the particular circumstances, the abuse may involve threat, assault, and/or battery. In most situations, the more severe the injury suffered, whether physical or emotional, the greater the damages the plaintiff will be awarded.

How Personal Injury Cases Differ from Criminal Lawsuits in Redding

Personal injury cases differ from criminal lawsuits in that they are a matter of civil law. Civil cases don’t involve incarceration of the perpetrator; they simply result (if you win) in monetary damages to pay for medical, therapeutic, psychiatric, and counseling expenses and to reimburse the victim for physical pain and suffering,and mental anguish. It is entirely possible for a criminal case and a civil personal injury case to proceed simultaneously. The standards for proving personal injury are less stringent than those to prove criminality, since the former requires “a preponderance of evidence” while the latter requires “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Signs of Child Abuse or Neglect

In some cases, child abuse is easily identified by those who have contact with the child, such as neighbors, teachers, pediatricians, therapists, or police. Bruises, cuts, broken bones, burns — particularly recurrent injuries that the child is reluctant to explain or offers an unlikely explanation for — may certainly lead one to suspect child abuse.

Poor hygiene, an unkempt appearance, lack of appropriate clothing for the weather, extreme fatigue or hunger, frequent illnesses or absences from school — all point in the direction of neglect. Special attention should be paid to children who are excessively withdrawn, fearful, who recoil from touch, or who express unwillingness to go home. Emotional outbursts or inappropriate babyish behavior may also be warning signs of abuse. Many of these same signs are signals of possible sexual abuse. Other indicators that a child has been sexually violated may be abnormal embarrassment, inappropriate sexual awareness, or sexually provocative behavior.

It is important to remember that many of the signs mentioned may have other causes entirely, such as: hyperactivity that results in impulsive behavior, jealousy or anger about a new baby in the household, an autism spectrum disorder, marital discord in the home, a death in the family, or any number of other reasons. Nonetheless, it is never right to suspect child abuse and not address the issue. Better to take an unnecessary step than to allow a child to suffer. If you suspect your child has been abused and suffered physical or psychological injury, even if the abuse may have been committed by someone in your own family, following through is always the right thing to do.

How An Experienced Redding Accident at J&Y Law Can Help

Our experienced attorneys, in Redding as well as in all of our other locations, are ready to provide you with caring advice and the efficient service necessary to win your personal injury case, whether through settlement or verdict after litigation. We will make absolutely certain that you receive all the damages you are entitled to and that your child receives the care required to recover from the horrendous physical and emotional trauma he or she has suffered. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.