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Nut-Butter Recalled Due To E.Coli – What Are The Top Causes Of Food Injuries?

  • Jun 22 2017

The FDA recently closed down an Erlinger, Kentucky food processing facility due to reports of the presence E. coli bacteria in a brand of soy nut butter manufactured by Dixie Dew Products, Inc.  The nut butter, manufactured for I.M. Healthy, has been linked to E. coli outbreaks in 12 states this year, including California, negatively affecting approximately 29 people.

Defective food products fall under the category of defective product liability. According to the CDC, continuing to sicken people throughout the nation,

Burning Issues in Hot School Bus Wrongful Death Case

  • Jun 19 2017

Q: Is the school district or bus company liable for the actions of a bus driver if he left a student to die on a hot school bus?

The responsibility of a school bus driver does not end with simply driving students safely from home to school and back. To avoid personal injury to or wrongful death of the children or adults in their care, school bus drivers are required to make a “sweep of the bus”

Can I Sue A Doctor Years After Undergoing Surgery?

  • Jun 17 2017

Surgeons are required to perform surgeries responsibly. They are required to hold themselves to a high standard of medical practice. Sadly, they do not always do so. Doctors, even the most experienced ones, can act negligently before, during or after surgery. If this has happened to you, you can sue the surgeon for surgical malpractice. Talking to a personal injury or wrongful death attorney can be beneficial if you are uncertain about whether malpractice occurred.

Common surgical errors

Surgical errors are actually more common than you would think.

Injured by Falling Debris at A California Construction Site – Who Is Liable?

  • Jun 15 2017

The construction industry is one of the largest, and also one of the most dangerous in the country. Some worksites are in the middle of a city, have lots of heavy machinery, or have a lot of people working in close proximity to each other, all of which can create a hazardous working environment.

Across the nation, the construction industry ranks third for accidental deaths. The California construction industry is tightly regulated and has strict safety laws, but accidents still happen. You have the right to bring a personal injury lawsuit if you are a construction worker,

Monsanto Sued Over Alleged Cancer-Causing Weedkiller – Will the corporate giant be found liable?

  • Jun 12 2017

Monsanto, no stranger to defective product litigation, is being sued yet again based on claims that the company’s weed-killing products cause cancer. This latest suit was brought in Alameda, California, by 40 California residents claiming that Roundup, a product created by Monsanto, caused them to contract non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer.

In the complaint, the California residents claim that “Monsanto promoted false data and attacked legitimate research that showed the danger of glyphosate” an ingredient found in Roundup.

Construction Worker Killed By Falling Wall – Who May Be Found Liable?

  • Jun 8 2017

An Escondido construction worker was killed earlier this month when a brick wall fell on him, crushing him under its’ weight. The 51-year old man, later identified as Fernando Martinez, was taking lunch during his shift in El Cajon when a nearby residential wall collapsed.  Martinez was part of a construction crew working on a new car dealership. Other members of his crew were also injured.

Unfortunately, construction accidents are far too common in California,

What is Your California Slip and Fall Case Worth?

  • Jun 5 2017

What damages could I receive for my slip and fall related injuries?

Accidents involving slip and falls send millions of people to the hospital each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Slip, trip, and falls can result in a wide array of potentially serious injuries, including broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, back pain, and more.  These injuries may result in considerable losses to the injured fall victim. Our Los Angles slip and fall accident attorneys at J&Y Law Firm discuss the potential damages you could receive in a slip and fall accident lawsuit.

Blurred Lines in What Constitutes Child Abuse

  • May 27 2017

Q: Is spanking child abuse?

In California, child abuse is any action – – physical, emotional, or sexual – – that causes a child to suffer harm.

While abusers may be criminally charged, child abuse also falls under the personal injury umbrella so victims may be entitled to compensatory damages in a civil action as well.

Child abuse can leave its young victims with permanent and irreversible physical and emotional damage.

San Diego’s “Vision Zero” Plan: Pedestrian Lives Matter

  • May 24 2017

Q: Are drivers always liable for injuries in pedestrian accidents?

In San Diego, pedestrian accident fatalities (and serious injuries) have been rising for the past three years. In fact, pedestrian accident fatalities have been rising throughout California.

The “Vision Zero” program – with a goal of eliminating all traffic deaths by 2025 “through enforcement, education, and street engineering “– is getting a black eye by San Diego’s so-called “Fatal 15” intersections. Many of these intersections– where the greatest numbers of pedestrian fatalities occur–

Former K9 Cop Mauled and Killed Neighbors

  • May 21 2017

Q: Who is responsible when a former police dog bites?

Police officers protect and serve, and canine (“K-9”) officers are no exception. Trained to be vicious in taking down and apprehending suspects, biting is part of a canine officer’s job description.

Unfortunately, you apparently can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

Are police dogs more likely to be responsible for a dog bite injury when off-duty or retired from police service?

A new Grover Beach police officer had previously trained and patrolled with a Belgian Malinois police dog named “Neo” while on his previous assignment at the Exeter Police Department.