Car Acident where both parties may be at fault.

Can You Sue if You’re Partially at Fault for Your Injury?

  • Aug 26 2018

From a young age, most of us are told that we need to take responsibility for our actions. While this is generally a good character trait to have, you shouldn’t let it prevent you from holding others accountable with their actions cause you harm. It is a common misconception that, if you somehow contributed to an injury you suffered at the hands of someone else, that you cannot legally hold them accountable. You can hold them accountable, and you deserve compensation for your injuries.

How Are Damages Allocated Under the Law When Multiple Parties Are at Fault?

Mother texting and driving with her young child in the backseat.

What Does “Negligence” Mean and When Can You Sue for Negligence?

  • Aug 25 2018

You may have seen or heard California personal injury lawyers use the word “negligent” to describe someone’s actions or the circumstances of claim. What is negligence, exactly, and when can you sue for it?

What is Negligence?

When California lawyers use the word negligence, they are describing the intent behind conduct that gave rise to an injury. Under California law, people can act with different kinds of intent when they cause personal injury to others. A person can act purposefully,

Invasion of privacy law book.

Getting Justice When Your Privacy is Invaded

  • Aug 21 2018

We live in a digital, interconnected world where privacy increasingly feels like a relic of a bygone era. However, privacy laws exist for a reason, and even though social media platforms may have changed the way we see share our information, the law still requires other people to respect your personal boundaries. When your privacy is invaded and personal information about you is disclosed, you do not have to suffer in silence. You have legal options which allow you to seek the justice you deserve.

What Are Some Examples of Invasion of Privacy?

Defamation Law Book.

What Can I Do if I’ve Been Defamed?

  • Aug 17 2018

When most people think of personal injury, they think of a physical injury. An intentional injury to your reputation is also a personal injury, however, even if it does not result in physical harm to your person. If you have been defamed, you have the option of seeking damages against the party who harmed you.

What is Defamation?

Defamation occurs when someone makes false statements about your reputation that result in damage to your reputation. Under California law, defamation can take the form of libel or slander.

Back Injury

When Is Interfering With Business a Personal Injury?

  • Aug 15 2018

If a California business competitor intentionally tarnishes your professional reputation, or if they do something that interferes with a business contract you have, is that a personal injury? You might be surprised to learn that in many situations it is! While most people think that personal injury claims need to involve physical harm, that is not always the case. Read on to learn more about how you can sue for personal injury to your California business opportunities.

Intentional Interference With a Contract and Inducing Breach of Contract

California law punishes unfair business practice known as “Intentional Interference With a Contract” and “Inducing Breach of Conduct.” The two are closely related,

Red circle with a cross through over a common children's toy.

Who Can You Sue and For What Damages When You’re Injured by a Product?

  • Jul 30 2018

When we purchase a product, we trust that it has been designed and made correctly. We also trust that companies will warn us about ways in which a product should not be used due to the risk a product could harm us if used in that way. Sometimes companies fail to design or make a product safely, however, or they fail to warn about a dangerous trait of a product. These kinds of failures unfortunately often lead to physical harm. In these situations, who can you hold accountable and how can you hold them accountable?

Dog Attacking a person's hand

Liability and Recovery for Dog Bite Injuries

  • Jul 28 2018

One of the benefits of California’s warm climate is that it allows Californians to be physically active outdoors year-round. While this is one of many upsides to California life, one of the downsides of outdoor fitness is dog bite injuries. Recently, the greater Los Angeles area was named the “dog bite capital of the nation,” according to U.S. Postal Service statistics. Given the prevalence of dogs and dog bites in California, it’s important to know who’s liable and what kinds of recovery you can get if you are attacked by a dog.

A woman and a man on a tour bus pointing out different sites.

Can I Sue a Tour Company if I am Injured on Vacation?

  • Jul 25 2018

Summer is the season for vacations, and booking a vacation through a tour company is an extremely popular form of vacationing without the hassle of planning. When planning a vacation, most people focus on the positive: the Instagram pictures they’ll post, activities they’ll do, and food they’ll eat. Nobody thinks about the possibility that they could get injured on vacation, but injuries on vacation do happen. What happens if you’re injured on a vacation you book through a tour company? Can you sue the tour company?

Proving the Tour Company is at Fault

Whether or not you can sue the tour company will depend on whether you can prove the tour company caused your injury.

A civil Lawsuit document

What Are the Different Types of Damages I Can Sue for if I’m Injured?

  • Jul 24 2018

Most people know they can sue to recover damages, but did you know that “damages” actually encompasses many different kinds of compensation? Knowing what kinds of damages you are eligible for can be helpful information when considering whether to bring a lawsuit.

Actual Damages

Actual damages are damages you receive for proving that you suffered an actual injury. An actual injury typically includes personal injury or property damage. Generally, demonstrating that you only suffered an economic loss because of an injury is not enough to qualify you for actual damages.

Traffic light with a walking signal.

Self-Driving Cars and Pedestrian Injuries

  • Jul 22 2018

In March 2018, one of Uber’s experimental self-driving cars struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona. While this was the first fatal accident of its kind, many companies, including Uber, Tesla, and Google, are investing in self-driving car technology.

What Happened With the Uber Accident?

A report released recently from the National Transportation Safety Board found that pedestrian Elaine Ramos was pushing her bike across the street at night when the self-driving car struck her. The report describes how the car’s detection system detected her six seconds before it struck and killed her.

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