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brain scan of TBI

Can a Traumatic Brain Injury Worsen Over Time?

  • Dec 1 2020

Every year, thousands of Californians suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI) due to others’ negligence. These injuries can be severe and sometimes life-threatening, requiring immediate and often ongoing medical attention. 

If you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury at the hands of someone else, you may be asking many questions:

  • What is TBI?
  • What can cause traumatic brain injury? 
  • What are the types of TBI? 
  • Can a traumatic brain injury worsen over time? 

Woman looking at x-rays of coup and contrecoup brain injuries.

What Are Coup and Contrecoup Brain Injuries?

  • Jan 20 2020

Brain injuries are common accident injuries. You can sustain a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident, fall, workplace accident, pedestrian accident, sports injury, dog attack, and many other personal injury accidents. The type and severity of your brain injury often dictate whether you may suffer long-term consequences. It can help to understand some of the medical terms your doctor and California personal injury attorney may use to describe your brain injury, including coup and contrecoup brain injuries.

Coup and Contrecoup Brain Injuries

Coup and contrecoup are medical terms used to describe the area of the brain injured relative to the point of impact.

Catastrophic Truck Accident Injuries

  • Mar 24 2017

What is a catastrophic injury under California law?

A truck accident can alter your life in an instant.  Truck accidents can result in serious and catastrophic injuries that will have lifelong consequences.  You may not be familiar with the term “catastrophic injury.”  Our Los Angeles truck accident attorneys at the law firm of J&Y offer the following look at what constitutes a catastrophic injury in California and what you can do if you suffer a catastrophic injury in a truck accident.

Catastrophic Injuries Defined

A catastrophic injury is defined as any injury that is so severe it renders the victim unable to resume the life they led prior to the truck accident.  

Protecting Young Athletes from Second-Impact Syndrome

  • Jan 25 2017

What is the Concussion Management in Youth Sports Act?

In September, Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 2007, the Concussion Management in Youth Sports Act into law. While schools previously had strict rules to protect student athletes who may have suffered head injuries, this law, which became effective in January, extends those rules to youth sports organizations.

The law requires youth sports leagues in the state to have procedures in place to protect young athletes from head and brain injuries. Those who appear to have suffered a concussion must be removed from play immediately and cannot return until they are cleared by a medical professional who is trained in the treatment and management of concussions.

Recovering Damages for Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Dec 22 2016

Can I recover damages for a traumatic brain injury?

Individuals who suffer traumatic brain injuries are often left with lingering pain and suffering as well as emotional and financial burdens. In some cases, victims nay require lifelong care. While there are many causes for head and brain injuries, if you were injured due to another’s negligence, you may be entitled to meaningful compensation.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries occur when an external force causes the brain to malfunction.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Fractures Pelvis in Dirt Bike Accident 

  • Nov 28 2016

Broken bones are usually the furthest things from your mind as you tear downhill on your dirt bike. Unfortunately, recreational motorcycle accidents are far too common, and can be life-threatening.

Los Angeles Chief of Police Charlie Beck learned this lesson last week when he crashed his dirt bike on a rocky Tehachapi Mountain trail.  Beck, a long-time competitive dirt bike rider, broke his pelvis in the accident, but was able to ride his bike back to his truck and was able to be transported for emergency care.

High School Football Player Suffers Head Injury

  • Oct 29 2016

What are the concussion risks for high school football players?

The high risk of concussions that football players face has widely been reported, particularly at the professional level. In response to growing concerns about the long-term consequences of head injuries, the National Football League has implemented new protocols when players appear to suffer concussions. Obviously, professional players assume some of the risk since the game is a dangerous contact sport; but football also poses a threat to teenagers who play at the high school level.

This was the case for a California teen,

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