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What to do if You Injure Yourself on a Broken Public Sidewalk

  • Jun 5 2020

One minute you are out walking the dog, and the next thing that you know, you have stumbled on a broken section of the sidewalk. You land hard, suffering significant injuries. Whether you have broken bones, a back injury, or fall into the street and get struck by a car, the harm from falling due to an unrepaired sidewalk can be substantial.

If you got hurt on a defective area of a public sidewalk, a California slip and fall accident attorney can evaluate whether you might have a claim for compensation and determine who might have to pay money damages for your losses.

Wet floor sign to prevent slip and fall injuries.

Unexpected Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries

  • Apr 7 2020

Slips, trips & falls account for thousands of injuries each year. In some cases, a slip and fall injury can result in life-threatening injuries and death. In many cases, the person who falls did not expect to be injured when they entered the building or area. Our California slip and fall accident attorney helps individuals investigate slip, trip, and fall injuries to determine why the accident occurred and who is liable for the victim’s damages.

Common Locations of Unexpected Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident can occur anywhere.

J&Y Law Firm discusses three things you may not have known about slip and fall injuries.

Slip & Fall Injuries: Three Things You May Not Know

  • Nov 6 2019

A fall can cause painful injuries. A victim may also miss substantial time away from work or school while incurring substantial medical debts. California premises liability laws provide a way for victims of slips, trips, and falls to recover compensation for their injuries. However, slip and fall claims are not always easy to settle. Our California slip and fall injury attorneys discuss three things that you might not know about settling a slip and fall claim.

Three Hurdles to Settling a Slip and Fall Claim


Common Misconceptions About Slip and Falls in California

  • Jan 27 2018

What damages could I receive in a slip and fall accident case?

Every second of every day, someone across America will fall, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Falls are the number one cause of injuries and death for older Americans, and often result in serious injuries among younger people as well.  Slip and falls remain a field of law that is shrouded in mystery for many.  There are numerous misconceptions about slip and fall cases and premises liability law as a whole.  Our California slip and fall attorneys at J&Y discuss some of the top misconceptions about slip and falls below.

What To Do Following a Slip and Fall Accident

  • Nov 13 2017

Slip and fall accidents are no laughing matter. They can lead to serious injuries such as head trauma, broken or fractured bones, hip, knee and ankle injuries, muscle sprains and many others. These injuries lead to high medical expenses, lost income following days away from work, incapacitation or permanent disability.

If you or a loved one slipped and fell, it may be because someone was negligent and if that is the case, you can sue for compensation. Talk to a California slip and fall accident attorney.

Which Came First The Broken Sidewalk or the Broken Bone?

  • Jul 28 2017

Q: Can I sue if I trip and fall on a cracked sidewalk?

“Step on a crack, break your mamas back.” This twisted sidewalk game was once played by kids who joyfully leapt over cracks in the sidewalk in an effort not to curse their poor mothers with a broken back. Nowadays, those same youngsters are old enough to literally break their own backs on those same sidewalk cracks.

California slip and fall accidents are a big problem and a victim’s ability to recover damages for a fall often hinges on a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the accident.

California Parking Lot Slip and Falls

  • Jun 26 2017

What should I do if I fall in a parking lot in California?

Parking lots and parking garages are a scattered across California.  These structures allow individuals to easily access businesses, office buildings, schools, airports, and retail establishments.  While parking lots and garages offer convenience, they can also present hazards to pedestrians.  Parking structures are the location of thousands of slip and falls annually, often caused by poor maintenance or poor design of the parking area.  Under certain circumstances, the victims of California parking lot slip and falls may have the right to seek compensation from the parking lot owner or lessee.

What is Your California Slip and Fall Case Worth?

  • Jun 5 2017

What damages could I receive for my slip and fall related injuries?

Accidents involving slip and falls send millions of people to the hospital each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Slip, trip, and falls can result in a wide array of potentially serious injuries, including broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, back pain, and more.  These injuries may result in considerable losses to the injured fall victim. Our Los Angles slip and fall accident attorneys at J&Y Law Firm discuss the potential damages you could receive in a slip and fall accident lawsuit.

Fall Accidents and the Peril in the Shipyard

  • Feb 23 2017

Q: If I fall on someone else’s property, are they liable for my personal injury?

“Man overboard!” That could’ve been the cry on January 5th at BAE-Systems in Barrio Logan when a shipyard worker fell into a vessel that was under construction in the shipyard. The fallen worker reportedly fell two decks down and was wedged into a tight space deep in the interior of the under-construction vessel.

It took firefighters and a “specialized technical rescue team”

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