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Santa Ana is the 57th most populous city in the United States, with a population of more than 324,000. It is the 4th most densely populated city behind only New York City, San Francisco and Chicago. It is a bustling, moderately sized city with plenty of sites of interests, notable locations and entertainment to behold.

Several freeways course through Santa Ana including the Santa Ana Freeway, which is also Interstate 5. The Garden Grove Freeway (State Route 22), The Costa Mesa Freeway (State Route 55), and the Riverside Freeway (State Route 91) also run through Santa Ana, connecting the city to the rest of the Great Los Angeles area.

With a number of freeways traveling in and around Santa Ana, the city is no stranger to traffic accidents. According to data from 2009 traffic accident statistics, there were 11 fatal accidents in Santa Ana with more than twenty-five people involved, including 9 pedestrians. Eleven individuals did not survive, and 13 vehicles were damaged. No one in Santa Ana, or anywhere else, plans on having an accident when he or she leaves for work or school in the morning, but sometimes that’s exactly what happens.

Santa Ana Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents most often occur due to negligence, such as driving under the influence of a substance, or failure to obey appropriate traffic laws. When a vehicle collides with a person or another vehicle, property damage is often the least of anyone’s concerns. Insurance will only cover so much, and options are not always clear. Whether you’re in Santa Ana, or anywhere in California, visit and you’ll find the best personal injury lawyers in the state right at your fingertips. Check out informative articles and former clients’ testimonials about why having the best personal injury lawyers in Santa Ana is so important when the unthinkable happens.

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