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Woman boarding a cruise ship that protects passengers from falling overboard.

Do Cruise Ship Companies Do Enough To Protect Passengers From Falling Overboard?

  • Jan 13 2020

A cruise can be an excellent way to spend vacation time. However, are cruises safe? Passengers on a cruise ship are at risk for injuries or illnesses from a variety of circumstances, including falling overboard. Falling overboard may not be as prevalent as other cruise ship injuries, but it is a serious concern that needs to be addressed by cruise lines. Our California cruise ship accident attorneys take a closer look at these cases and what you should do if you are injured on a cruise ship. 

J&Y Law Firm discusses five ways to get injured on a cruise ship.

Five Ways to Get Injured on a Cruise Ship

  • Oct 8 2019

Cruises remain to be a popular vacation option for many individuals, couples, and families. Cruise ships offer an all-inclusive vacation option in which individuals can relax on-board the ship, enjoy entertainment and activities on board, and explore exotic and exciting destinations. However, cruise ship passengers sustain serious and life-threatening injuries aboard cruise ships each year. An experienced California cruise ship accident attorney can help you investigate a cruise ship injury to determine if the cruise ship or another party is liable for your injuries and damages.

Woman seriously injured after ‘traumatic event’ on cruise ship

  • Feb 18 2017

How can you protect your rights after a cruise ship accident?

Taking a cruise often makes for an enjoyable vacation. Most excursions take passengers to exotic and beautiful locations, and give the opportunity to have fun while meeting a variety of people from around the world.

However, serious injuries on cruise ships do occur. In late January, a 20-year-old crewmember on the Legend of the Seas was flown by helicopter to a hospital after suffering a lower back fracture. The ship was traveling to Brisbane, Australia via the Cook Strait,

When Cruise Events Go Wrong In California

  • Aug 24 2016

Massive ships have the potential to cause massive damage.  A whale-watching ship driven by an employee of “Hornblower Cruises and Events” caused panic and distress in San Diego, California when it drove straight into a dock filled with onlookers.  Seven passengers of the ship were left injured in the accident.  The damage ranged from back, leg, and neck injuries.  Crew members that anticipated the crash attempted to minimize the damage by warning passengers to “hold onto something.”

The ship spanned approximately one hundred and fifty feet and left substantial damage in the dock after crashing several feet inwards. 

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