J&Y Law Firm discusses five ways to get injured on a cruise ship.

Five Ways to Get Injured on a Cruise Ship

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Cruises remain to be a popular vacation option for many individuals, couples, and families. Cruise ships offer an all-inclusive vacation option in which individuals can relax on-board the ship, enjoy entertainment and activities on board, and explore exotic and exciting destinations. However, cruise ship passengers sustain serious and life-threatening injuries aboard cruise ships each year. An experienced California cruise ship accident attorney can help you investigate a cruise ship injury to determine if the cruise ship or another party is liable for your injuries and damages.

Common Cruise Ship Injuries and How They Occur 

Cruise ship injuries occur in several ways. Five common ways to sustain cruise ship injuries include:

  1. Infections and Disease — Food poisoning, infections, and other diseases are common on cruise ships. Power failures, inadequate safety measures, and failing to disinfect and clean common areas are examples of how a cruise ship can be liable for injuries and harm caused by infections and disease.
  2. Pool Accidents — Many cruise ships have multiple and elaborate pools for passengers to enjoy. These areas can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. Slip and fall accidents in pool areas are common ways passengers are injured on a cruise ship. Inadequate maintenance and cleaning procedures can cause passengers to become ill after using a pool. Faulty equipment is another cause of pool accidents on cruise ships.
  3. Slip and Fall Accidents — Falls are common causes of injury on cruise ships. Failing to maintain carpets, flooring, stairs, handrails, and elevators are potential causes of falling accidents. Leaving items in pathways or failing to clean up spills are other causes of falls on cruise ships. Faulty railings can also be a reason why a passenger falls on-board a cruise ship.
  4. Physical Attacks and Violence — Passengers can be subject to physical attacks and violence by other passengers or cruise ship employees. Inadequate lighting and safety measures can be the underlying cause of a physical attack or violence.
  5. Injuries to Children — Many cruise ships offer special activities for children while their parents enjoy time to themselves. Children’s activities and areas are supposed to be monitored and supervised by cruise ship employees. However, inadequate supervision of children is a common cause of injuries on cruise ships. 

The above list is not an exhaustive list of the ways a person can be injured on a cruise ship. If you or a family member sustained any injuries while on a cruise, it is best to speak with a cruise ship injury lawyer as soon as possible. The cruise ship and other parties may be responsible for your injury and liable for any damages arising from the injury or accident.

Cruise Ship Accident Claims Can Be Challenging

Injury claims involving cruise ships are complicated. In addition to personal injury laws, complex maritime regulations and laws also may apply in a case involving a cruise ship injury. Maritime law is a unique field of law that requires special knowledge and expertise. Seeking the assistance of an experienced legal team who understands the rules and regulations governing cruise ships is crucial if you want to win a personal injury claim involving a cruise ship injury.

Contact Our California Personal Injury Attorney to Discuss Your Cruise Ship Injury

If you were injured aboard a cruise ship, contact our California personal injury attorneys today to discuss your legal rights and your options for holding the cruise ship and other parties liable for your damages, losses, and injuries.

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