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J&Y Law Firm discusses California's move-over law.

Road Construction and California’s Move-Over Law: Preventing Injury and Death

  • Oct 4 2019

Road construction accidents are dangerous for drivers and construction crew members. It is important that drivers pay close attention to work zone signs, including speed limits for work zones. Slowing down and remaining alert are two of the best ways to avoid a construction zone accident. Another way to avoid an accident is to obey California’s move-over law for construction zones. If you are injured in a construction zone accident, contact a California personal injury attorney to review your rights and options for recovering compensation for your injuries and damages.

Construction worker with an injured leg being helped by a coworker.

Injured in a Construction Accident? Know Your Rights.

  • Jul 19 2018

It seems like construction projects are everywhere around us. Construction workers perform a vital economic and public service, but construction work is fraught with risk and injury. While any construction worker will tell you that risks are part of the job, injury is absolutely not part of the job. If you are injured while working on a construction project, you have legal options to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

What Causes Construction Accidents?

Accidents occur on construction rights for a variety of reasons.  

What is the biggest cause of California construction accidents?

  • Jan 21 2018

Large cities like Los Angeles and San Diego are constantly growing. But there is a price to pay for all that construction as California construction accident attorneys see all too often.

When a construction site worker is injured or killed on the job, there can be many potential parties to the victim’s personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit depending on the circumstances of the case. Potential responsible parties can include property owners, contractors or sub-contractors, project managers or supervisors, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and more.

Construction sites are overrun with loud,

Construction Accident Details Covered Up at California Zoo

Construction Accident Details Covered Up at California Zoo

  • Dec 28 2017

What kind of accident occurred the day before the Africa Rocks exhibit at the San Diego Zoo opened?

What happens in San Diego stays in San Diego. At least that appears to be the case with respect to a California construction accident that occurred recently on San Diego zoo property.

Representatives and spokesmen for the San Diego Zoo– as well as the construction company that the three (or possibly four) injured workers had contracted with– were tight-lipped about all aspects of the accident which occurred the day before the new Africa Rocks exhibit was to open and halted construction work for the day.

Injured by Falling Debris at A California Construction Site – Who Is Liable?

  • Jun 15 2017

The construction industry is one of the largest, and also one of the most dangerous in the country. Some worksites are in the middle of a city, have lots of heavy machinery, or have a lot of people working in close proximity to each other, all of which can create a hazardous working environment.

Across the nation, the construction industry ranks third for accidental deaths. The California construction industry is tightly regulated and has strict safety laws, but accidents still happen. You have the right to bring a personal injury lawsuit if you are a construction worker,

2 Workers Hurt In Construction Accident At New Facebook Building

  • Jun 15 2017

What Duties Do California Construction Employers Have To Their Employees?

On April 26, 2017, a serious accident took place during the construction of a new Facebook building in Menlo Park. While working, a beam encountered a “catastrophic failure,” and seriously injured two ironworkers are lucky to be alive.

What Happened?

The other construction workers at the site who saw the accident reported that the two injured ironworkers were working at a height of forty feet on Facebook’s Building 21 when, around 5:30 PM,

Construction Worker Killed By Falling Wall – Who May Be Found Liable?

  • Jun 8 2017

An Escondido construction worker was killed earlier this month when a brick wall fell on him, crushing him under its’ weight. The 51-year old man, later identified as Fernando Martinez, was taking lunch during his shift in El Cajon when a nearby residential wall collapsed.  Martinez was part of a construction crew working on a new car dealership. Other members of his crew were also injured.

Unfortunately, construction accidents are far too common in California,

The Inherent Dangers in Construction Sites

  • May 18 2017

Q: How is fault determined in a construction accident?

A construction accident claimed the life of one worker and injured another on a recent rainy afternoon in Santa Cruz County. The workers were part of a team charged with clearing a mudslide along Highway 17.

Reportedly, despite wearing “bright colored safety gear” to enhance their visibility, the two workers were struck by a dirt-hauling truck that backed over them. One of the workers that were run over was killed and the other was trapped beneath the truck.

How do you determine liability in construction accidents?

  • Feb 25 2017

If you’ve ever set foot on a construction site, you know how chaotic it can be. People from different companies scrambling over uneven surfaces and moving around materials of shapes and sized can be a recipe for injury and death. Construction accident injuries happen everyday, and with the great number of people involved, determining liability can be a complex problem.

What Parties Are Involved?

The first place we start in determining liability in construction accidents is determining what parties are involved. These parties include:

  • Land/building owners – potentially liable for dangerous site conditions
  • Design Professionals,

Construction Workers Face High Risk of Injury in California

  • Feb 17 2017

What are the most common causes of construction worker injuries?

Construction workers perform a vital role in our society, creating and repairing essential homes, buildings, infrastructures, and more.  While working in construction can be exciting and rewarding, those in the construction industry are at risk of injury while on the job.  According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), nearly 5,000 workers were killed on the job in 2015, and 21.4 percent of these deaths were in the construction industry.  Construction remains one of the most dangerous professions in California and thousands of workers will be injured in construction accidents annually.    

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