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Bird Scooter in San Francisco, California.

Electric Scooters are Taking Over Southern California Cities

  • Jul 2 2018

Southern California —

In recent months, the residents of Southern California cities have found a new way to travel, the motorized scooter. Companies like Bird Rides Inc. and Lime Bike are being dubber “scooter startups” and they have taken over the streets (or sidewalks) of Los Angeles and San Francisco. The electric scooters’ have a rage of over 20 miles and top out around 15 miles per hour. In order to ride the scooters, you must download the corresponding app. After you download the app, you will be able to pay to unlock and the scooter.

Bounce House in Los Angeles

A Bounce House Takes Flight and Brings a Child Along for the Ride

  • Jun 27 2018

Southern California — It’s being reported that a bounce house in Southern California took flight with child inside of it over Mother’s Day weekend. According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, a bounce house landed on U.S. Route 395 in Adelanto, CA just after 3 P.M. the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

The family of the victim rented a bounce house to entertain the children during their Mother’s Day celebrations. Everything was going well until “a big gust of wind that looked like a tornado” came rolling through the yard.

Los Angeles Police Department

LAPD Corrections Officer Fired After an Inmate Hanged Herself

  • Jun 25 2018

Los Angeles, CA — In late April, a Los Angeles Police Department detention officers were relieved of duty after the death of inmate Wakiesha Wilson. Roughly two years ago, Wakiesha was wrongly put into isolation, where she would later hang herself using the cloth that was in the room.

What Happened?

The officer who was fired for failing to give an inmate the proper medical attention necessary. Reaunna Bratton was on thin ice at the time of the incident.

Car hits bicycle

Bicyclist hit by Detective’s Vehicle

  • Jun 20 2018

Chesterton, Indiana — In the summer of 2014, Sheila Gonzalez was enjoying a bike ride with her children. As the family approached a busy intersection, Sheila was the first to cross. She thought there was enough time for her to pedal across the street. Unfortunately, there was not. Sheila was struck by Sara Ritz, a detective for the Chesterton Police Department and a member of the Porter County Drug Taskforce.

What’s the Lawsuit?

Gonzalez and her husband filed a negligence suit against the task force in the winter of 2016.

American Airlines Plane

Another Airline Feeds into the Narrative: Airlines Don’t Care About Their Passengers

  • May 16 2018

American Airlines is the latest airline to come under fire for passenger misconduct. The latest incident being reported took place over two years ago, but a lawsuit has only recently come to fruition. According to NBC-DFW, the family of Brittany Oswell, is suing American Airlines for wrongful death. They are claiming that the airline refused to make the emergency landing that was necessary to save Brittany’s life; even after it was requested by a doctor who was onboard the flight.

What Happened on the American Airlines Flight?

Desert in Israel

10 Israeli Teens Die on a Hiking Trip

  • May 14 2018

In Jerusalem, it is common for teenagers to take a year off between high school and fulfilling their military requirements. Leading up to the gap year, the teens work towards gaining acceptance to an educational academy. They spend their gap year learning about a variety of subjects.

Academy Instructors Took a Chance With the Lives of Young Adults

According to the Washington Post, a group of 25 teenagers were taken out for a hiking trip by three academy leaders.

Olympic Rings

Olympian Brothers Are Being Sued for Sexual Assault

  • May 10 2018

From Triumph to Tragedy

As a country, we have a sense of pride about the Olympics. They only come around every two years, alternating between winter and summer. The Olympics are a show of unity, it’s where countries go to prove their strengths to the world. Often, gold medalists are treated like heroes. Unfortunately for a world champion taekwondo participant and his coach, the end is near as they freefall from the top of their profession to the seat of a chair in front of a judge as they await a ruling that may change their lives forever.

A man smoking an e-cigarette by a school.

E-Cigarettes Are Now Infiltrating our Schools

  • May 1 2018

There is a new craze making its way into high schools across the nation, the Juul e-cigarette. This outbreak has been covered by Newsweek and various other media outlets. The Juul is an e-cigarette that looks like a flash drive. The device vaporizes nicotine, and other chemicals and flavorings that gives you the feel of smoking a cigarette, without the harm of smoking a cigarette. Well, that was the plan at least. As it turns out, inhaling any kind of smoke or vapor (that is derived from chemicals) is not too great for your lungs..

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