Fontana is the second most populous city in San Bernardino County, and the 20th most populous city in the state of California. It is home to the largest of the San Bernardino County system libraries, a renovated historic theater and the Auto Club Speedway. Over time, Fontana has also become a regional hub for the trucking industry as three major interstates run through it at some point.

With all the trucking traffic through Fontana, the roadways can be a bit treacherous. According to data from 2009, there were twenty people involved in fatal accidents in Fontana. More than half of the individuals involved did not survive the car accidents they were involved in, which is a sobering fact. Fontana is much like any other city in the U.S. in that accidents will happen even when you try and avoid them at all costs. Insurance can only go so far when it comes to coverage for car accidents, or really any other type of accident, and knowing what to do when insurance is not enough is just as important as having insurance in the first place.

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