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Someone riding a boat.

Why Do Boating Accidents Happen?

  • Jul 21 2020

With temperatures warming and an increase in recreational boating, it’s essential to consider safety on the water. California boating accident attorneys will tell you that thousands of accidents occur each year involving watercraft, resulting in severe injuries and sometimes even death. Understanding why boating accidents happen can help you take a proactive approach to boat safety and enjoy the water without worry. 

6 Leading Causes of Boating Accidents

Many of us associate bad weather and hazardous water conditions as the leading causes of boating accidents and injuries. 

Tilted boat in a boating accident.

7 Things You Should Do Following a Boating Accident

  • Feb 13 2020

Boating is popular throughout California. Many people enjoy a variety of boating and water activities on our state’s lakes, rivers, and oceans. Unfortunately, a boating accident can result in traumatic injuries and life-threatening conditions. For some individuals, a boating accident could result in life-altering disabilities. If you are injured in a boating accident, there are several things you should do after the accident, including contacting a Los Angeles boating accident attorney as soon as possible. 

Seven Steps to Take After a California Boating Accident


white boat cruising on deep blue water

Top Eight Causes of Boating Accidents

  • May 10 2019

Millions of people own and regularly use boats for business and recreational purposes. Over the past few decades, the number of boats on our lakes, rivers, oceans, and waterways has increased. While an increase in the number of boats on the water may be a factor in boating accidents, it is not the only factor.

Many of the factors in boating accidents can give rise to a personal injury claim. A California boating accident attorney can review the cause of a boating accident to determine if accident victims have a valid injury claim against the boating operator or another party.

cruise ship traveling

What Duties Do Cruise Ship Companies Owe to Passengers?

  • Dec 24 2017

Nothing says vacation like a long cruise filled with dancing, drinking and all-you-can-eat buffets. Most people do not board cruise ships with the expectation that they will be injured or killed. However, this happens more frequently than we realize. Since 2005, 448 major cruise ship accidents were reported, according to the World Maritime News. Of those 448 accidents, 66 of those ships ran aground, 79 have crashed into other vessels, and more than 15 have sunk, according to this same study.

With these types of numbers, it’s natural to wonder what duties cruise lines owe to their passengers.

What are the Top 5 Causes of Boating Accidents?

  • Jul 7 2017

As California weather becomes more favorable to recreational and commercial boaters alike, more and more mariners are returning to the water this month. Unfortunately, not every day on the water turns out as we expect it and fatal accidents occur. Boating accidents can occur when we least expect them, even in the best weather conditions.

The final bell tolled for a 64-year-old fisherman this past week when his 10’ fishing boat capsized near Muir Beach in the San Francisco Bay. A fellow boater made a call to the Coast Guard reporting a capsized fiberglass boat at 11:30 am.

Sea accidents affect more than those who own boats.

Family of Diver Lost at Sea Sues Boating Company

  • Apr 9 2017

Who is liable for sea accidents?

An experienced diver from Tustin, California set off on the charter diving trip on the Sundiver Express.  It was nearly her 1,000th dive, but it turned out to be her last.  Now, the family members of the diver lost at sea have filed suit against the Sundiver and the captain who it believes acted negligently that day in failing to add the diver to the passenger roster.  Our Los Angeles boat and cruise ship accident attorneys discuss this troubling case and issues of liability surrounding accidents at sea.

Capsized Boat in San Francisco Bay May Have Been Overloaded

  • Nov 29 2016

What can you do to protect yourself from boating accidents?

Sailing on San Francisco bay can be exhilarating. As afternoon approaches, winds steadily increase, making it a fun and exciting place for adventure-seeking family and friends. However, without following strict Coast Guard guidelines, boating on the bay can quickly become life threatening.

A group of boaters learned this lesson the hard way recently, when their 34’ Silverton cabin cruiser capsized and sank, leaving 30 people in the water.

Boating Tragedy Off The Coast Of Catalina

  • Aug 27 2016

When embarking on a fun boating trip, one does not usually anticipate the boat tipping over and being thrown overboard.  Three males, age sixty-four, sixty-two, and forty-seven, were recently identified by the Coroner’s Office.  They died when their boat overturned on the coast of Santa Catalina Island, in California.

More specifically, the boat tipped over “near Salta Verde Point on the backside of the island.”  Seven individuals in total were aboard the boat.  The vessel was approximately twenty feet in size.  Four individuals were rescued, two of which were seriously hurt. 

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