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Deadly “Flame-jetting” Claims Thousands of Lives Annually

  • Oct 23 2017

Q: Can I sue if I get burned when a flammable liquid’s vapors ignite?

Although it’s a nationwide danger, the warm climate and active lifestyle in California likely increases the risk that its residents could be victims of a deadly phenomenon known as flame-jetting.

Flame-jetting occurs when the vapors from common household items unexpectedly either explode or become “deadly flamethrowers” capable of shooting fireballs as far as 15 feet through the air in any direction.

Dangerous and defective products cause flame-jetting,

The Importance of a Post-Accident Investigation

  • Aug 20 2017

Q: How are the cause of an accident and the basis of a lawsuit determined?

When is an accident just an accident and when is it somebody’s fault?

Whether the victim of an automobile accident has grounds for a personal injury action (or whether his surviving family has grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit) rests on the post-accident investigation report findings.

That’s why it is critical for those involved in an accident to seek the legal advice of an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident,

Nut-Butter Recalled Due To E.Coli – What Are The Top Causes Of Food Injuries?

  • Jun 22 2017

The FDA recently closed down an Erlinger, Kentucky food processing facility due to reports of the presence E. coli bacteria in a brand of soy nut butter manufactured by Dixie Dew Products, Inc.  The nut butter, manufactured for I.M. Healthy, has been linked to E. coli outbreaks in 12 states this year, including California, negatively affecting approximately 29 people.

Defective food products fall under the category of defective product liability. According to the CDC, continuing to sicken people throughout the nation,

Monsanto Sued Over Alleged Cancer-Causing Weedkiller – Will the corporate giant be found liable?

  • Jun 12 2017

Monsanto, no stranger to defective product litigation, is being sued yet again based on claims that the company’s weed-killing products cause cancer. This latest suit was brought in Alameda, California, by 40 California residents claiming that Roundup, a product created by Monsanto, caused them to contract non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer.

In the complaint, the California residents claim that “Monsanto promoted false data and attacked legitimate research that showed the danger of glyphosate” an ingredient found in Roundup.

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