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E-Bike Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

E-Bikes, aka Electric Bikes, are motorized bicycles that do not require a driver’s license to operate in the State of California. There are 3 different classes of E-Bike with slightly different laws in California.

For Class 1 E-Bikes, their motors only activate while the rider is pedaling and stop working once the E-Bike reaches 20 miles per hour. For Class 2 E-Bikes, the rider can use the motor exclusively if they want, but the bike still cannot go faster than 20 mph. Finally, Class 3 E-Bikes can go up to 28 mph.

California State law requires riders that are 17 years old or younger to wear a helmet when riding any type of E-Bike. Adults riding a Class 3 E-bike must wear a helmet too. Also, Class 3 E-bikes are prohibited on Class 1 bike paths, though you can ride one on bike lanes and separated bikeways next to the road. Naturally, riders must follow the same rules of the road as people riding traditional bicycles.

Many California drivers do not typically think of looking for electric bicycles on the road when they are traveling, but perhaps they should due to the rising popularity of the vehicles. To some, the idea of an electric bicycle may seem like a fancy new toy exclusively for kids (similar to recent fads like hoverboards or electric scooters), however, the electric bicycle was actually invented in the year 1895; almost 130 years ago, and has been in regular use since that time undergoing many variations and manufacturers.

Despite its long history though, there is no doubt that E-Bikes are at the peak of their popularity right now. Google Trends shows that searches for electric bicycles are at an all time high.

Unfortunately, this also means that E-Bike accidents are at an all time high. Tragically, on Monday, October 9, 2023, a child from Santa Clarita, CA lost his life when his E-Bike was struck by a tractor trailer at around 9am near the intersection of Decoro Drive and McBean Parkway, a notoriously busy 7 lane, 4-Way intersection. In a video on YouTube about the accident, several commenters mentioned how they too had been hit while riding an E-Bike or that they had nearly struck E-Bike riders while driving a car or truck. 

At J&Y Law Firm, we represent E-Bike riders who have been injured or lost their lives in California. With our vast experience in personal injury cases in California, we’ve helped thousands of people, securing substantial compensation for their pain and suffering.

We deeply understand the unique challenges that come with electric bicycle injury cases. Our team isn’t just made up of skilled lawyers; many of us own and ride E-Bikes in our spare time. All vehicles have a place on the road and when an accident occurs due to any reason that is not the fault of the driver, we are here to help.

Our personal injury legal team has successfully recovered significant amounts for injured victims with some verdicts in the millions of dollars. With the growing popularity of E-Bikes, we want to be advocates to ensure that negligent drivers are aware that electric bicycles are on the road, and to be on the lookout to ensure no one else is injured.

Injured on an E-Bike?

Reach out to J&Y Law Firm today if you or a loved one has been injured or killed while riding an E-Bike. You can reach us now at (877) 718-9845 so we can learn the details of your case and begin the process of finding justice for your pain and suffering.

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Can You Pursue Legal Action After an E-Bike Injury in California?

If you’ve suffered injuries due to the negligent actions of any motor vehicle or even another cyclist while on an e-bike, you might have a valid claim. Potential compensation includes medical expenses, lost income, potential future earnings loss, pain and suffering, and more. While many principles apply to both traditional bikes and E-Bikes, securing representation familiar with E-Bike-specific regulations and issues in California is crucial.

E-Bike Fatal Incidents

For families who’ve tragically lost a loved one in an e-bike accident, we are committed to seeking answers, justice, and appropriate compensation. Understanding the vulnerabilities cyclists face on California roads, our team has successfully represented numerous families in such tragic circumstances, ensuring accountability and justice.

Defective E-Bike Components

Injuries resulting from defective e-bike components could give rise to a lawsuit against involved entities, from manufacturers to retailers. With the addition of components like batteries and motors, E-Bikes have a higher potential for serious malfunction. It’s vital that all e-bike parts are safe, and at J&Y Law Firm, we’ve been pivotal in holding accountable parties responsible for faulty products.

Risks Unique to E-Bikes

E-bikes bring along additional components such as motors, wiring systems, and advanced batteries. Any malfunction in these parts can cause uncontrollable acceleration or severe accidents.

Particularly alarming are the E-Bike battery fires. The prevalent lithium-based batteries, if defective, can lead to intensely hot fires. Such incidents can result in grave burns to the rider or even cause larger-scale fires endangering others. Our specialized legal team has substantial experience in cases involving burns and explosions, ensuring victims get the justice they deserve.

Warning and Instruction Failures

Manufacturers and distributors are obliged to minimize risks associated with e-bike use. If they can’t eliminate certain dangers, they must, at least, provide adequate warnings. Should an injury occur due to undisclosed risks, the victim might have a valid claim. Our seasoned e-bike attorneys can evaluate such scenarios, determining the viability of a lawsuit.

E-Bike Rental Issues in Los Angeles

Renting out improperly maintained e-bikes can have dire consequences. Rental companies must ensure their E-Bikes are in perfect working condition. They are also responsible for offering proper safety instructions. If these duties aren’t met, and an injury results, the rental company could be held liable. Our attorneys are well-equipped to investigate such cases and advise on potential legal avenues.

The JnY Legal Team

California E-Bike Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to an accident on an E-Bike, please know that you are entitled to certain rights, including compensation from whatever party is responsible for the accident. J&Y Law Firm is serious about helping victims of E-Bike accidents. 

For comprehensive assistance and consultation about your circumstance, contact J&Y Law Firm at (877) 718-9845 or contact us through our online contact form at https://jnylaw.com/contact/. We look forward to helping you and your family to get the help that you deserve.

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