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How Sexual Assault Victims Can Use a Civil Lawsuit to Get Justice

  • Feb 13 2019

Sexual assault is a heinous crime that can impact victims for the rest of their lives. As the #MeToo movement has illustrated, it is a disturbingly common and growing problem that affects many of us. Unfortunately, even in 2019, the criminal justice system does not always treat sexual assault victims fairly, and many sexual assault victims either lose at court or don’t even bother bringing their case to court for fear of the extreme and often degrading levels of scrutiny such a proceeding can bring to them.

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CBS Les Moonves Case Keeps Employee Sexual Assault and Harassment Lawsuits in the News

  • Oct 8 2018

More and more, we keep hearing about disheartening and horrifying claims of sexual harassment and assault, including incidents in the workplace. One newly detailed incident has received an extraordinary amount of attention: Les Moonves was recently fired as CBS’s longtime Chairman and CEO, and is currently facing at least twelve accusations of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault.

Background of the Les Moonves Case.

In August, an article published by the New Yorker revealed allegations by six women that Moonves had sexually harassed them.

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Fresno Music Teacher Goes Down on Bad Note

  • Jun 18 2018

Can I sue a music school if its teacher molested my child?
For parents, the safety of their children is the most important thing of all. Despite careful research and alleged safety measures in place, one set of parents made a choice that unwittingly placed their 11-year-old daughter in a position to be a sexual assault victim at the hands of a piano teacher.

A personal injury lawsuit against the teacher and music school alleges that the girl “was sexually assaulted against her will” by the teacher inside the music school due to the “negligent supervision of [the teacher]”.

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Suspected Sexual Assault While Unconscious

  • Apr 27 2017

What should I do if I suspect I was sexually assaulted while I was unconscious?

Sexual assault is a major problem for college students on campuses across America. There is an ongoing federal investigation into how sexual assault is handled on over 200 colleges and universities, including UC Santa Cruz.

Any type of non-consensual sexual conduct constitutes sexual assault. That includes rape or attempted rape, voyeurism, exhibitionism, sexual harassment, and more. Victims can be adults or children; they can be male or female.

New Hotline May Help Halt Los Angeles Sexual Harassment in its Tracks

  • Feb 27 2017

Q: What should I do if I am a victim of sexual assault or harassment while riding the transit system?

Maybe the only thing more stressful and frightening than driving in Los Angeles or any other major city, is having to rely on the public transit system instead–particularly if you are a woman and fearing sexual assault or harassment.

Well, if you’ve been bothered by creeps invading your personal space on the platform, unwelcome cat calls and groping, or worse, the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has a plan to help those who fear for their safety while riding the transit system.

Sexual Assault Behind the Rehab Walls

  • Dec 28 2016

Q: Who can I sue for sexual assault committed while I was a patient in an institution?

Sexual assault is “any type of sexual contact that is non-consensual, including inappropriate touching, rape or attempted rape, child molestation, incest, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and sexual harassment.” It can happen at the hands of a spouse, partner, friend, stranger, or caretaker. It can happen in one’s home, at the job, in an institutional setting or hospital, or even in public.

While sexual assault is never acceptable,

California law gives hope to rape, sexual assault victims

  • Dec 24 2016

What does this new California law mean for sexual assault victims?

Victims of sexual assault already face a lifetime of repercussions from the assault itself. Some, like Carmen Daniels, are left to suffer the injustices of a system that, until now, deemed their injuries unfit for prosecution after 10 years.

Daniels was beaten and raped at knifepoint in 1982. Her attacker got away after unsuccessfully trying to run Daniels over with her own car. In 2014, a trucker named Delton Taylor was arrested in Arizona for kidnapping and robbery.

New Law on College Sexual Harassment in California

  • Sep 24 2016

Q: What do I do if I’m a victim of sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination at college?

Before choosing a college, students and their parents undoubtedly weigh factors including reputation, the cost of tuition, financial aid, available majors, geographical location, and more. Those planning to live on campus may also address roommate compatibility and dorm décor. All of these issues are easily accessible and often painted in a positive light on the colleges’ brochures and websites.

But there’s another issue many parents and students overlook. One that either isn’t on the college website at all,

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