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Drunk man holding car keys, about to drive.

Is a DUI Conviction Enough to Prove the Drunk Driver Is at Fault?

  • Jun 9 2020

A DUI conviction is not necessarily enough to prove that a drunk driver is at fault. A driver’s negligence must be the cause of an accident for the driver to be legally liable. It is possible for someone to get a DUI conviction from an accident that someone else caused. We understand that this can be confusing, but a California car accident lawyer can evaluate the facts of your case and determine who might be liable.

How Liability for a Car Accident Gets Determined

A person involved in a collision could be blatantly careless but not automatically be at fault if something else caused the accident.

An employee and employers drinking at a company-sponsored party.

When Can an Employer Be Liable for Their Employee Drinking and Driving?

  • Jan 16 2020

A driving and driving accident can result in traumatic injuries and the death of innocent victims. The drunk driver can be charged with a crime and can be held liable for damages in a civil action. However, an employer could also be potentially liable in a civil lawsuit under certain circumstances. If you are involved in a DUI accident, a California drunk driving accident attorney can help you identify all parties who might be liable for your injuries, losses, and damages. 

When Can an Employer Be Responsible for an Employee Drinking and Driving? 

Can I Get Punitive Damages in a California DUI Lawsuit?

  • Sep 25 2017

When a person is injured by a drunk driver, they may bring a lawsuit against the driver to seek damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses related to the car accident. This lawsuit is a civil claim, which is handled separately—and under slightly separate rules—from any criminal charges that have also been filed against the intoxicated driver.

One option for a person injured in a drunk driving accident is to seek punitive damages with the help of a personal injury attorney.

Will I lose my driving license after DUI?

  • Jul 3 2017

Assigning liability following an automobile accident can be difficult at times. If both drivers have been drinking prior to the accident, determining who is at fault can be even more difficult. In addition to recovering from the injuries suffered, you may also be facing the loss of your license. Talking to an experienced drunk driving accident attorney can help you sort out liability and help you understand what happens from here.

Driving while under the influence (DUI) is treated as a serious offense by many state and federal courts and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Avoid DUI convictions by not drinking and driving

Third Time Was the Killer

  • May 12 2017

Q: Can a driver with prior DUI convictions be charged with murder?

A drunk driving accident often leaves devastation and life-altering personal injury in its week.

Recently, a California mother of two young children, who was seven months pregnant, lost her husband and unborn child when a man with two prior DUI convictions reportedly drove drunk again, ran a stop sign, and broadsided their car.

Her husband, who was driving, was killed.

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