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Woman with a serious personal injury from an accident at a doctor's office.

Timeline of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

  • Jun 19 2020

Personal injury lawsuits are affected by many factors, differing from case to case. The extent of your injuries and cooperation between parties are two largely determining factors in how your case will advance.  

There is some consistency in the process, however, and relying on an experienced California personal injury attorney to handle the details while you recover is invaluable. 

Seek Medical Care

The first thing to do when injured in an accident is to seek medical attention.

Teen driving and on the phone.

Teen Brain Development & The Impact On Safe Driving

  • Jun 16 2020

For many teens, driving is a rite of passage, signaling another step toward independence and maturity as they move toward their adult years.  

However, the growing rate of car accidents involving young drivers calls into question the safety of allowing teens behind the wheel. As statistics and California car accident attorneys can attest, teen drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents than older drivers. 

Long thought to be a result of inexperience, teen driving accidents are now being linked to the underdeveloped teenage brain.

Drunk man holding car keys, about to drive.

Is a DUI Conviction Enough to Prove the Drunk Driver Is at Fault?

  • Jun 9 2020

A DUI conviction is not necessarily enough to prove that a drunk driver is at fault. A driver’s negligence must be the cause of an accident for the driver to be legally liable. It is possible for someone to get a DUI conviction from an accident that someone else caused. We understand that this can be confusing, but a California car accident lawyer can evaluate the facts of your case and determine who might be liable.

How Liability for a Car Accident Gets Determined

A person involved in a collision could be blatantly careless but not automatically be at fault if something else caused the accident.

Tesla at a charging station.

Tesla Autopilot Crash Update

  • May 7 2020

California ranks among the highest in auto-related injuries and fatalities in the United States. With millions of commuters on California roadways each day, car accidents are inevitable.  However, as statistics attest, the high number of drivers on the road is not the only problem.  Distracted driving and over-reliance on new auto-technologies are contributing to higher percentages of car accidents than ever before; together, they are a recipe for disaster.  

Tesla Auto Crash: A Case for California Personal Injury Attorneys

In March 2018,

Parent and teenage daughter talking about car accidents.

Teens & Car Accidents: Talk to Them Now About What to Do

  • Apr 24 2020

Before your teen driver sets out behind the wheel, it’s essential to talk with them about the risks associated with teen driving. Talking with your teen about the leading causes of car accidents among teen drivers can help them make better decisions when they buckle up.  But even then, auto accidents are somehow bound to occur. Now what?  

Both auto insurance companies and California car accident attorneys advise that well-prepared teen drivers are educated not only in safe driving habits but also regarding necessary procedures if involved in a car accident.

Lines of cars stuck in a traffic jam.

Sudden Unintended Acceleration: What To Do If It Happens to You

  • Apr 21 2020

A car accident can happen at any time and for any reason. Common causes of car accidents include instances of driver error, including distracted driving, speeding, drowsy driving, and numerous traffic infractions. Our California personal injury attorneys routinely handle cases involving car accidents caused by driver error. 

Problems with the vehicle can also be a factor in the cause of a car accident. Sudden unintended acceleration has often been blamed on a defect in the vehicle. However, there is another possible explanation for sudden unintended acceleration. 

Overview of an intersection.

What are the Most Dangerous Intersections in LA?

  • Apr 17 2020

Los Angeles has some of the most dangerous intersections in California for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The NHTSA states that Los Angeles is one of four counties in the nation that accounts for ten percent of all pedestrian deaths. The number of fatal crashes in Los Angeles has increased by 32 percent over the past five years. 

Our California personal injury attorneys help clients throughout Los Angeles file injury claims seeing compensation for car accident injuries.

Smartphone held up in car for navigation.

Are Our Smart Devices Interfering with Safe Driving?

  • Apr 14 2020

Experts agree that our smart devices are interfering with safe driving because they distract us. On the bright side, technology can also provide a solution to the problem it created. A California car accident attorney can help you go after compensation if you get hurt because a driver’s smart device interfered with the safe operation of the vehicle.

The Scope of the Distracted Driving Problem

Every day, Americans get injured and killed because of careless drivers who get distracted while behind the wheel.

Man meeting with car accident attorney.

When Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

  • Mar 17 2020

Do I need a car accident lawyer? This question is one of the most common questions people ask themselves after being involved in a car accident. It can be difficult to know whether you need to hire a car accident lawyer to handle your accident claim or whether you can represent yourself. Some claims can be settled effectively without an attorney. 

However, what started as a simple injury claim can quickly turn into a complex, contested personal injury case. For that reason, it is usually best to consult experienced California car accident attorneys whenever you are injured in a car crash.

Self-driving cars on a highway.

When Self-Driving Cars Kill: The Legal Implications

  • Jan 6 2020

Self-driving cars offer a variety of advantages, according to advocates and manufacturers. Proponents claim that self-driving vehicles make roads safer by eliminating human error behind the wheel that often leads to a car crash. However, what happens when a self-driving car causes an accident? Who is responsible when self-driving cars kill? Our California car accident attorney can answer that question for you.

Liability in California Car Accidents

Most car accidents are caused by human error of some type.

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