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Top Party Bus Accident Causes

Top Party Bus Accident Causes

  • Feb 28 2018

Party buses are usually vans remodeled for the purpose of transporting people to bachelor parties, proms, birthday parties, concerts and birthday parties. They are outfitted to include LED lighting, elaborate seating arrangements, dance floors, sound systems, smoke machines and even stripper poles. Party buses are usually hired by people expecting to have a good time. However, these good times can sometimes become times of tragedy.

Accidents happen more often than you might expect in party buses and limousines. If you or a loved one has been injured in a part bus accident,

New Tour Bus Safety Law In California Not Making An Impact

  • Jul 18 2017

What Are Your Rights After Being Injured in a California Bus Accident?

A new law affecting public bus transportation passed in California, making individuals that use these types of transit networks originally feel relief. Several deadly bus accidents occurred on California freeways over the past few years, and to try to curb this trend, state lawmakers passed a bill known as AB 1677 to enforce stricter policies on tour bus inspections.

However, the law, although placed into law with the best intentions, seems to be a failure already.

Another Deadly Bus Crash Kills 13 Near Palm Springs

  • Oct 29 2016

How common are charter bus accidents in California?

In our last blog post, we reported on new safety measures for charter bus companies that were recently signed onto law by Gov. Jerry Brown. Last week came the stunning news of another deadly charter bus accident near Palm Springs.

This time, a tour bus that was headed to L.A. from a casino crashed into the back of big rig on Interstate 10 at Canyon Drive. Apparently, work was being done on I-10 and construction crews has been slowing traffic down.

Three New Bus Safety Bills in California Aim to Make Buses Safer

  • Oct 24 2016

What causes tour bus accidents in California?

After a string of high-profile charter and school bus accidents across California, the governor has signed three bus safety bills that aim to cut the number of bus crashes in the future.  Governor Jerry Brown recently signed the following three bus safety related laws:

  1. A bill setting new safety standards for all charter bus companies, including emergency lighting installation and mandatory passenger safety briefings, similar to airlines, prior to departure;
  2. A bill mandating school buses carry safety equipment to prevent any children from being left unattended;

A Bus Driving California Catastrophe

  • Aug 21 2016

Buses can usually cause the most catastrophic accidents because they can weigh approximately sixteen thousand pounds. These vehicles weigh even more if carrying passengers or property.  Therefore, death, injury, and severe damage usually results.  This incident occurred in the County of Merced in California and involved a bus traveling on Highway 99 from Mexico.  The bus was reported to be traveling through California to reach its Washington destination.

The driver was employed by a company called Autobuses Coordinados USA, Inc. which operates out of Los Angeles.  Apparently,

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