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What to Do if You or a Loved One Has Been Involved in a School Bus Accident

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

The top priority for parents is the safety and health of their children, so when they finally head off to school, it is expected that every adult responsible for their care will have their best interest at heart. While school buses are generally a safe way for students to travel, accidents happen, and the results can be devastating. 

Sometimes these accidents are caused by the bus driver not paying close enough attention, but a majority of them are due to the other drivers on the road. If you or someone you care about has been involved in a school bus accident, it’s best to contact a California personal injury attorney to help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of School Bus Accidents

School bus accidents don’t happen very frequently, but they are often serious when they do occur. Regardless of if the accident happened while your child was riding the bus or while they were getting on or off, catastrophic injuries can occur. All accidents are different, but there are some things that can increase the chances of an accident happening, including:

  • Child pedestrians interacting with traffic
  • Fatigued bus drivers
  • Frequent stops
  • Improper bus maintenance
  • Other drivers on the road

Keeping Your Child Safe

One of the most common times that accidents occur is when kids are getting on or off the bus. Parents can help reduce this risk by ensuring their child is there at least 5 minutes prior to the bus arriving. They should remain at least 6 feet from the curb until the bus driver gives them the signal that it is safe to proceed to the bus. Remind your children that they should only pass in front of the bus, giving a 10-foot space between them and their bus.

Who is Responsible?

If your child was in an accident that was caused by another party’s negligence, that party should be held responsible and be required to provide compensation to the victims of the accident. When it comes to filing a lawsuit, there are several possibilities as to who is responsible, including:

  • The school bus company
  • The bus manufacturer
  • The school district
  • The bus driver
  • The other driver

Who you can sue depends on the circumstances of the accident, but a California personal injury attorney can assist you in figuring out who to sue.

Contact a California Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you or your child were involved in a school bus accident, the first thing to do is seek medical care so they can be treated and so any injuries can be documented. Make sure you keep anything you have pertaining to the accident. After you are home and your child is recovering, contact a California personal injury attorney so you can begin the process to get compensated for the damages your family is dealing with due to another party’s negligence. Get in touch with our office today.

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