Why do I need an attorney?
Who may I sue for a wrongful death?
Who determines who is at fault for an accident?
Who brings a claim on behalf of children who they are hurt?
What types of compensation am I entitled to as a result of my personal injury?
What type of cases do we handle?
What should I do if I’m involved in an accident?
What questions will be asked during deposition?
What kind of coverages do I have under my auto insurance policy?
What is Proposition 213?
What is negligence?
What does it mean to settle a case?
Should I only hire an attorney if I intend to file a lawsuit?
Is it possible to sue a county, city, or government?
How long will my case take?
How does the personal injury process work?
How are you paid?
Does a personal injury lawsuit have to be filed within a certain amount of time?
Do I still have a claim if my health insurance paid my medical bills?
What is a deposition?
What is loss of consortium?
Can I still pursue compensation if I was partially at fault for my injury?
Can my health insurer file a lien against my case?
Do all personal injury cases have to go to court?