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Ride Sharing Services May Be Driving Up Traffic Deaths

  • Mar 5 2021

Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft are putting more cars on the road and contributing to more traffic problems as a result.

Not only do rideshare services increase traffic congestion and pollution, but recent studies have shown that ride sharing services may be driving up traffic deaths. 

While Uber and Lyft have been credited with keeping impaired drivers off the road, the increased presence of ride-hailing drivers means more cars are on the road and the risks of traffic-related deaths have increased as a result.

ridesharing vehicle

What to Do After Getting Into a Rideshare Accident

  • Mar 2 2021

Recent statistics report that nearly 15 million Uber rideshares occur each day, with nearly 50,000 new Uber drivers being hired monthly to meet growing transportation demands. 

Rideshare transportation is increasingly popular among Californians. But, if a passenger gets hurt in a rideshare accident, compensation for injuries may take a complicated turn. 

You should know what to do after getting into a rideshare accident.  

California ride sharing accident attorneys outline 6 steps to take if you are involved in an Uber,

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