Valencia is an affluent community located in the city of Santa Clarita and Los Angeles County, California. Valencia’s residential areas are separated into villages, each with its own style and culture. Valencia offers an extensive system of paved highways and pathways called paseos, making it possible to travel around nearly all of Valencia on foot or by bicycle. The paseo network is called the Santa Clara River Trail.

There is much to do in Valencia by way of recreation. There is a Community Hiking Club, trails, biking and various sports including Pacific Youth Football League, PeeWee Sports, US Youth Volleyball League and Canyon Country Little League.

With the paseo network and all the tourists roaming the streets of Valencia, drivers have to be extra vigilant when traveling through the city. Unfortunately, no amount of vigilance can protect 100% from traffic accidents. According to road traffic accident statistics for 2009, ten people were involved in fatal accidents. Six of the ten people involved in those fatal accidents did not survive, including one pedestrian.

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