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What to Do After Getting Into a Rideshare Accident

  • Mar 2 2021

Recent statistics report that nearly 15 million Uber rideshares occur each day, with nearly 50,000 new Uber drivers being hired monthly to meet growing transportation demands. 

Rideshare transportation is increasingly popular among Californians. But, if a passenger gets hurt in a rideshare accident, compensation for injuries may take a complicated turn. 

You should know what to do after getting into a rideshare accident.  

California ride sharing accident attorneys outline 6 steps to take if you are involved in an Uber,

J&Y Law Firm discusses what victims of rideshare accidents should do after an accident.

Quick Guide for Victims of Rideshare Accidents

  • Sep 9 2019

Rideshare services continue to increase in popularity. Uber and Lyft drivers can be seen throughout California in small and large cities. The rideshare services are appealing for several reasons, including convenience and price. However, if you are ever involved in an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, you might find that handling the accident claim is not at all convenient. Our California auto accident attorney explains some of the issues related to rideshare accidents in this quick guide.

Determining Fault for Rideshare Accidents

As with any traffic accident,

Ride share driver in car using the rideshare app in mobile phone. New taxi ride request from customer in smartphone application. Man picking up passengers for online carpool service.

Who is Liable for Injuries From Rideshare Scooters?

  • Apr 1 2019

You may have seen electric scooters around your city and wondered why these scooters are just lying around in random places throughout town. These rideshare scooters are becoming increasingly popular in cities throughout the United States, including California. Unfortunately, because injuries and deaths associated with these electric scooter accidents appear to be increasing, our California personal injury lawyer is looking closely at who is liable for a rideshare scooter injury.

What is a Rideshare Scooter?

Building on the trend of rideshare bicycles,

Uber Battles on Defending Workers’ “Independent Contractor” Status

  • Jul 31 2017

Is Uber liable for personal injuries caused by its drivers’ negligence?

California Uber and Lyft ride-sharing accident attorneys have been following a San Francisco case against Uber regarding driver classification and the impact the outcome may have not just in the context of labor law, but on liability in personal injury claims based on an Uber driver’s negligence.

As we’ve previously reported on this blog, Uber, the ride-sharing giant,

The Rise in Ride Sharing Accident Claims in California

  • Feb 1 2017

Q: What happens if you are injured as a Lyft or Uber passenger due to the fault of your driver?

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. It’s thinking like this that has led to the responsible current culture of calling  a taxi—or more often an Uber or Lyft these days—to give you a safe ride home after some partying or indulgence that would make you unsafe, or illegal, behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, these well-intentioned rides may go awry and you may need an Uber and Lyft Ride Sharing Accident attorney.

Off-duty LAPD officer killed in New Year’s morning crash in Simi Valley

  • Jan 29 2017

Who is liable when Uber and Lyft cars are involved in automobile accidents?

It’s hard to imagine that 5 years ago, taxis and private cars were the only means of on-demand transportation. The advent of app-based ride sharing has revolutionized the on-demand transportation industry by providing lower-cost rides to people whenever and wherever they need it. The app-based ride-sharing model has posed some problems though, when it comes to liability for personal injuries. If you’ve been involved in an accident while riding in an Uber or Lyft vehicle, you probably know what we mean.

The Hidden Danger in Taxis and Rides for Hire

  • Jan 21 2017

Q: Could your next ride-for-hire be your last?

There is a frightening and potentially deadly reality surrounding rides for hire, which includes traditional taxicabs as well as app-based rides-for-hire like popular Uber and Lyft services.

In most cases, the cabs and private cars used are not subject to mandatory compliance with auto safety recalls. What that means is, that depending on the city you’re living in or visiting, there is greater than a one in three chance of a taxi, Uber, or Lyft vehicle having an incomplete auto safety recall work outstanding.

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