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J&Y Law Firm discusses the most common workplace accidents and how to avoid them.

Common Workplace Accidents in California and How to Avoid Them

  • Nov 8 2019

Workplace accidents can cause serious and life-threatening injuries and conditions. Employers have a duty to provide a safe working environment and to establish safety procedures to reduce the risk of accidental injury. However, workplace accidents can occur in the safest conditions. A worker is injured on the job every seven seconds, according to the NSC (National Security Council). Our California personal injury attorneys discuss the top three workplace injury events and ways workers can avoid these injuries.

Top Three Workplace Injury Events

According to the NSC,

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What You Should Know About Workers’ Compensation

  • Sep 30 2018

On the job injuries are far too common in California. While most people have heard of workers’ compensation, many people do not understand how it works or what it can do for them. If you are considering filing for a Workers’ Compensation case in California because of a work-related injury, there are several things you will want to think about and discuss with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney, like our talented attorneys at J&Y Law.

If You Truly Are Able to Go Back to Work, You Should.

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