Deadly “Flame-jetting” Claims Thousands of Lives Annually

Q: Can I sue if I get burned when a flammable liquid’s vapors ignite?

Although it’s a nationwide danger, the warm climate and active lifestyle in California likely increases the risk that its residents could be victims of a deadly phenomenon known as flame-jetting.

Flame-jetting occurs when the vapors from common household items unexpectedly either explode or become “deadly flamethrowers” capable of shooting fireballs as far as 15 feet through the air in any direction.

Dangerous and defective products cause flame-jetting, which results in over 4000 often- horrific burn injuries and 450 deaths per year.  Flammable liquids –including liquor, gasoline, and fireplace fuels–when uncapped emit vapors which can ignite when in close proximity to an open flame becoming literal flamethrowers capable of engulfing people without warning– even when they’re standing as far as 15 feet away. Flame-jetting differs from the known (and warned of) danger of directly pouring flammable liquid into fire—it is rather the unexpected ignition of vapors from being in close proximity to an open flame.

These flammable liquid containers are defective products that can reportedly be made 100% safe if equipped with a simple metal or plastic screen or disk at the container’s opening – – called a flame arrester – – which prevents the dangerous vapors from escaping the container.

California Congressman Mike Thompson introduced a new bill requiring manufacturers to place flame arresters on all flammable liquid containers. He was inspired by the story of two mothers whose teenage daughters were terribly burned in a flame-jetting incident. One girl was toasting marshmallows and the other—who was horribly disfigured and burned over 40% of her body—was standing over 10 feet away when the incident happened. Both girls’ bodies were engulfed in flames. Such incidents also have happened at parties where alcoholic cocktails were being lit for dramatic effect.

Defective and dangerous product lawsuits fall under the umbrella of personal injury law which holds manufacturers liable for the injuries caused by the proper use of an unsafe product. Those injured may be compensated for damages including medical expenses, future medical treatment, lost income, property damage, pain and suffering, and more. Burn injuries are particularly devastating and painful and victims may require extensive and multiple reconstructive surgical procedures and grapple with devastating mental anguish over the impact of their injuries for many years to come.

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