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Five Construction Accident Facts You May Not Know

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Each year construction workers, visitors, and others are injured or killed on construction sites. Construction site accidents account for approximately one-fifth of worker fatalities. Individuals injured on construction sites may be entitled to compensation from the property owner, construction company, or other parties. Our California construction accident attorneys can help you determine who is at fault for your construction accident and help you pursue a claim for damages.

Facts About Construction Accidents You Need to Know

1. The Construction Site Fatal Four

Four common construction accidents were responsible for over one-half of the construction worker fatalities in 2018. OSHA refers to these construction accidents as the “fatal four” — falls, struck by an object, electrocutions, and caught in or between an object. Many of the violations of OSHA standards related to one or more of the fatal four construction site accidents.

2. Construction Deaths Top the List of Workplace Fatalities

Being a construction worker is a risky job. Twenty percent (1 in 5) workplace fatalities occurred in the construction industry. On average, two construction workers die each day in the United States. Thousands of more workers on construction sites are seriously injured. A general construction laborer is usually at the highest risk for death or injury in construction accidents. 

3. There Could Be Multiple Parties Liable for Damages

The property owner and construction company are generally the two parties liable for many construction site injuries. However, there could be other parties who might share in the liability for a construction accident. If a defective machine caused the injury, the manufacturer might be liable. A sub-contractor or rental company might have some liability for a construction injury. A government entity or individual may also share in the liability. A thorough investigation is required to determine all parties involved in a construction accident claim.

4. Workers’ Compensation May Not Be The Only Form of Compensation for a Construction Accident

If a third party was negligent, an injured construction worker might have a personal injury claim against the third party, in addition to a workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation does not compensate an employee fully for all damages related to a workplace injury. However, a third-party claim might result in full compensation for all damages, including all loss of income, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

5. Lack of Experience and Training Are Common Factors in Construction Accidents

Workers who have been on the job a short time can have a higher risk of injury or death because they lack experience and training. Employers should provide adequate training and ongoing safety education to reduce the risk of injuries and deaths from construction accidents.

Contact a California Personal Injury Attorney for More Information 

Construction accidents can result in disabilities and permanent impairment that reduce a person’s quality of life and make it impossible for that person to earn a living. An accident on a construction site can impact the entire family. 

The workers’ compensation carrier nor the owner or your employer will tell you if you are not receiving all the benefits you deserve. A lawyer thoroughly reviews what happened to you to determine your legal rights and your options for the recovery of compensation. 

The only way to know if you are receiving all benefits and compensation you deserve after a construction site accident is to talk to an experienced California personal injury attorney.  Contact our office to discuss your case with an experienced personal injury lawyer. 

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