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The Worst Vehicle Accidents in California from October 2023

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

The scenic highways of California, often lined with Pacific views or weaving through dramatic mountain landscapes, can offer a driving experience like no other. But as the events of October 2023 have grimly demonstrated, beauty can sometimes be marred by tragedy. This month, California witnessed a series of devastating vehicle accidents that not only took lives but also brought forth the need to reinforce the importance of driver safety and responsibility.

Vehicle Accidents In California From October 2023

October 1, 2023

First on the list was a horrific multi-car pileup on the I-5 near Los Angeles. A combination of morning fog and a distracted driver led to a chain reaction involving over fifteen vehicles. The calamity resulted in the tragic death of four individuals, and several others were left with life-altering injuries. Eyewitness accounts and preliminary investigations suggest that the initial collision was caused by a driver who was reportedly texting while driving. The subsequent vehicles, unable to stop in time due to the reduced visibility from the fog, compounded the tragedy.

At least one person is dead following a semi-truck crash near Buttonwillow, CA (just west of Bakersfield), according to the California Highway Patrol Incident Page. According to CHP, the crash happened at about 3:08 p.m. on October 1st on Main Drain Road just north of 7th Standard Road. A reporting party said that the semi-truck rolled over, CHP said.

A five-vehicle crash in Los Angeles County on October 1st sent seven people to the hospital, with three in critical condition, authorities announced. Calls about the crash near Slauson and Alamo avenues in the neighborhood of Maywood came in just before 3 p.m. At the scene, fire personnel found five vehicles involved in the collision with several victims trapped inside two of the cars. 

Video posted to the Citizen App showed a heavy presence of first responders with at least one vehicle seen upside down in the roadway. Of those wounded, authorities said three were taken to the hospital in critical condition, three with minor injuries and one person who suffered only moderate injuries. It is unclear what led up to the crash or if alcohol and drugs might have been a factor. Authorities are continuing to investigate.  

October 2, 2023

At least one person was killed in a wrong-way crash on the 91 Freeway in Corona, CA (about 10 miles east of Los Angeles). According to the California Highway Patrol, a driver was going east in the westbound lanes and crashed into another car near Lincoln Avenue around midnight Monday. Both of the vehicles then fully became engulfed in flames. It’s not clear if the wrong-way driver died, or if it was someone in the other car.

October 4, 2023

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California Highway Patrol officers are investigating a head-on crash that killed one driver and injured another in Fresno County, CA. The accident happened at 10:10pm in the town of Clovis, CA (northeast of Fresno) on Highway 168, just east of West Shepherd Avenue. Officers say a 32-year-old man from Prather was driving eastbound in his Tesla Y. A 59-year-old man also from Prather was driving his Chevrolet pickup westbound 168 when for reasons unknown, the Tesla lost control of his vehicle.

The Tesla veered into the westbound lane and collided head-on with the pickup truck. The Tesla caught fire upon impact and was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. The driver of the Tesla was pronounced dead at the scene. The pickup driver was taken to the hospital with major non-life-threatening injuries. His current condition remains unknown. It is unknown if alcohol and or drugs were a factor in the crash as investigators are waiting for toxicology results.

October 5, 2023

The CHP is trying to determine the cause of a deadly DUI-related crash involving four cars and a driver who ran away Thursday morning on southbound Interstate 5 near National City, CA (just south of San Diego). CHP officers responded to the crash shortly after 2:30 a.m. and found a Nissan Frontier, Honda Accord, Jeep Liberty and a Jeep Patriot were involved in a collision. All of the vehicles except the Patriot were involved in an initial collision, and then the Patriot struck the Accord after the Accord became disabled in the roadway, the CHP said.

The driver of the Accord was ejected from the car when it was hit by the Patriot. She was taken to the hospital but did not survive, according to the CHP. She has not been identified. The driver of the Patriot was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. The CHP said the driver of the Frontier ran away from the scene, leaving his truck behind. Investigators have yet to determine the cause of the crash. Alcohol and/or drugs are believed to be a factor, but the CHP did not say which driver was suspected of being under the influence.

Police said speed and intoxication are suspected factors in a deadly crash after a driver allegedly did not stop at a red light and collided with a garbage truck, causing other vehicles to hit on Union Avenue in Bakersfield, CA on the morning of October 5, 2023 at around 10:02 a.m. Bakersfield police said a preliminary investigation found that a pickup truck was traveling northbound on Union Avenue at a high rate of speed when it did not stop for a red light and collided with a garbage truck. 

Police said the collision caused the garbage truck to overturn and collide with two other vehicles. According to police, medical aid responded, but the driver of the pickup truck, identified as a man, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the garbage truck and the drivers of the two other vehicles were not hurt. Police said speed and intoxication are suspected factors in this collision.

October 8, 2023

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A 52-year-old sergeant with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office’s Bureau of Investigation was killed Sunday, along with his 47-year-old wife, in a violent two-car crash in Downey, CA (just Southeast of Los Angeles). Officers with the Downey Police Department responded to calls about the two-car collision at the intersection of Paramount Boulevard and Gardendale Street just after 2 p.m. Both Emilio Guerrero and Annabel Guerrero, residents of Downey, were declared dead at the scene.

Annabel was a local teacher who previously worked for the Downey Unified School District, according to a news release from Downey PD. Authorities said the collision occurred after a 60-year-old man, a resident of South Gate, hit the Guerrero’s vehicle. A third victim was taken to the hospital in unknown condition, but it is currently unclear if that was the 60-year-old driver or a passenger in one of the two vehicles. It is unclear if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash.  

October 9, 2023

A search is underway for two people involved in a high speed pursuit that lead to a deadly crash in Southgate, CA a city just south of Los Angeles. This happened on October 9, 2023 near Southern Avenue and State Street. Police say they tried to pull over a stolen car with three people inside, but the driver sped off and less than one minute later that car crashed into six other innocent vehicles. An innocent driver in a Nissan Sentra was killed in the crash, and another driver suffered minor injuries. 

Police found one of the suspects hiding in a nearby trash bin, but the other two suspects are still at large.

Two people are dead after a head-on collision in Prunedale, CA (20 miles south of San Jose) early October 9th, according to a statement from California Highway Patrol. Around 5:10 a.m. a Ford Explorer was heading westbound on Maher Road. At the same time, a Nissan Pathfinder was heading eastbound on Maher Road. For reasons unknown to police at this time, the Ford crossed the median and drove directly into the Nissan.

The Ford crashed head on into the Nissan and caused major damage to both vehicles. The driver and passenger inside of the Nissan were 63 and 68-years-old, and both were pronounced dead at the scene. One of the passengers in the Nissan was not wearing a seatbelt. The driver of the Ford was taken by ambulance to Natividad Medical Center with major injuries, according to the CHP report.

October 19, 2023

One person was killed and three others were hospitalized after a wrong-way driver crashed into another vehicle on the eastbound 10 Freeway early Thursday in downtown Los Angeles, according to the California Highway Patrol. Drivers had called to report a vehicle traveling the wrong way on the 10 before the early morning crash, which occurred around 4:40 a.m. near Santa Fe Avenue, the CHP said.

October 21, 2023

Richard Shannon, a man from Salinas, CA (about 30 miles south of San Jose) was killed in a crash along South Main Street and Romie Lane on Saturday night. Salinas Police said the crash happened around 8 p.m. Shannon was killed after crashing his car into a tree in the area.

According to investigators, no drugs or alcohol are suspected to have played a role in the crash but the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office said the victim wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

The Importance of Driver Safety

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Each of these accidents, while distinct in their circumstances, underline a common theme: the critical importance of being careful when driving. These tragedies could have been avoided if the drivers involved had been more attentive, responsible, and respectful of road safety norms.

Driving is a responsibility that we owe not only to ourselves but to every other individual on the road. Here are a few key takeaways from October’s unfortunate incidents:

  • Distraction is Deadly: Engaging in activities such as texting, adjusting the radio, or even eating can divert your attention from the road, leading to grave consequences.
  • Vehicle Maintenance is Crucial: Regularly servicing your vehicle and ensuring that critical systems like brakes and lights are in working order can make the difference between life and death.
  • Respect Speed Limits: They are established based on the road’s conditions, surroundings, and potential hazards. Adhering to them can help avoid many accidents.
  • Stay Alert in Adverse Conditions: Weather conditions like fog, rain, or snow reduce visibility and road grip. Adjust your driving to these conditions by reducing speed and increasing following distance.
  • Pedestrians Have Rights Too: Always be attentive in areas where pedestrians are common, like crosswalks or school zones.
  • Never Drive Drunk: Unfortunately, when drinking common sense is often the first thing to be lost. Tragically, drunk drivers cause 37 deaths every single day in the United States, so it is vital that if you plan on drinking you get a taxi home or find a designated driver so you are never in a situation where driving is your only option. It is also advisable that you avoid driving as much as possible on nights where many people have been drinking, such as St. Patrick’s Day or New Years Eve. 

The accidents of October 2023 are a grim reminder that driving is a privilege that comes with immense responsibility. As we express our condolences to the families affected by these tragedies, let’s also pledge to be more attentive, responsible, and safe on the roads. Your decisions behind the wheel can save lives. Let’s drive with that awareness every single day.

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