Learn why a tire blowout can result in an at-fault accident and who may be held responsible.

When a Tire Blowout is an At-Fault Accident: What You Need to Know

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Experiencing a tire blowout while the car is in motion is very stressful and dangerous.
Although we might think it’s not an intentional situation, it can still be determined that a certain level of responsibility can lead to an accident. In the following article, we will explore why a tire blowout can be considered an at-fault accident and who should be responsible in those cases.

Tire Conditions

In these situations, it should be investigated whether the tire was in poor condition or worn out or had any apparent defect that the vehicle’s driver ignored due to negligence.


The car driver is solely responsible for the proper maintenance of the vehicle. If they don’t perform rotations, don’t maintain adequate pressure, or don’t perform periodic alignments, they should know that the risk of a blowout is higher, and in these cases, they are being negligent.


Tires have an expiration date that determines their limited lifespan. That is, if driven after that date, the safety of their use decreases, and the possibility of accidents increases. A driver using expired tires could be considered responsible for not following safety regulations.

Vehicle Overloading

Additional pressure can be exerted on the tires by loading a vehicle beyond the recommended maximum capacity, increasing the risk of problems.


Driving at speeds higher than recommended generates additional heat on the tires and increases the possibility of accidents.

When we get into a vehicle, we are not only responsible for ourselves and our passengers, but we also have the responsibility to act correctly to keep other drivers around us safe. Proper maintenance and use of the vehicle decrease the chances of accidents and injury.

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