Video shows moment of fatal Pasadena crash that killed 3

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

The Pasadena Police Department released a video of a single-vehicle crash that killed three people and left three injured.

The early-morning accident occurred around 2:38 a.m. on May 11 in the 2300 block of Foothill Boulevard. The vehicle involved was a 2018 Tesla Model 3.

Authorities say the Tesla was traveling west on Foothill Boulevard at more than 100 mph in a 35 mph zone, and ran the red light at Sierra Madre Boulevard. Video obtained by KTLA shows the Tesla narrowly missing a northbound vehicle at the intersection.

As the Tesla approaches Vista Avenue, it hits the curb and loses control. The vehicle then crashed into a street light and launched into the air, before colliding with a power pole and then into a vacant building that was roughly 130 feet away.

Pasadena PD says there were four passengers in the backseat, and none of them were wearing a seatbelt. All of the victims were ejected from the Tesla.

The driver of the vehicle, 22-year-old Moheb Samuel, died at the scene. Authorities say his 17-year-old sister, identified as Emily is in critical condition.

Esrom Fessemaye, who was Moheb’s best friend was also killed. Fessemaye is believed to have been in the front passenger seat.

One of the passengers who was seated in the rear of the vehicle, 20-year-old Stefan Pfeifer, was pronounced deceased. His mother tells KTLA 5’s Sara Welch that the crash occurred five blocks from their home.

The remaining two victims, 20-year-old Emerson Newquist, and 18-year-old Bella Ramirez, who is Emily’s friend, were transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Loved ones tell KTLA 5’s Chris Wolfe that Moheb and Fessemaye worked at a nearby gas station. Family and friends say Moheb was going to culinary school. The Samuels siblings’ mother also works as a clerk at a gas station in the area.

Fessemaye also had a part-time job installing solar panels.

Some of the victims currently attend or previously attended Maranatha High School, which is a college-prep Christian school.

The county medical examiner’s office will perform a toxicology test to determine if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash.

20-year-old Stephen Pfeiffer was one of the victims in the crash. His mother told KTLA he was out with acquaintances and the group was five blocks away from his home when the crash occurred on May 11, 2024. (KTLA)Pasadena Police says 22-year-old Moheb Samuel (left), and Esrom Fessemaye (right), were both killed in a fatal single-car accident Saturday morning. Authorities say Samuel was the driver of the Tesla. (KTLA)Emerson Newquist was injured in the crash. His parents say he faces a long road to recovery after sustaining serious injuries. (KTLA)Surveillance video shows the white Tesla crashing into a utility pole after losing control. Three people were killed, and three people were injured in the crash. Pasadena Police released the video on May 13, 2024. (KTLA)Surveillance video shows the white Tesla speeding in the area moments before the crash occurred in Pasadena on May 11, 2024. (KTLA)The white Tesla involved in the single vehicle crash had six occupants, and three were killed. Investigators were on the scene on May 11, 2024. (KTLA)Officers with the Pasadena Police Department were on the scene after a fatal crash killed three people, and critically injured three others. The victims are believed to be aged between 17 and 22 years of age. The crash occurred on May 11, 2024. (KTLA)The vehicle involved in crashed into this nearby building in Pasadena. Three people were killed, and three others injured. The victims are believed to be aged between 17 and 22 years old. The crash occurred in Pasadena on May 11, 2024. (KTLA)A parked vehicle near the scene of the single vehicle crash was damaged by debris flying through the area as a result of the crash, which occurred on May 11, 2024. (KTLA)

A witness who was near the crash described the horrific scene.

“It was kind of like a sci-fi movie, when I got down the street, I saw the bodies lying around,” Bill Otto said. “They were asking for help, I didn’t know who to help first, everybody was in bad shape.”

The violent impact left several pieces of debris in the area, and several homes lost power due to the crash.

“We heard a loud bang,” witness Robert Phillips said. “And then the power kind of flashed and then went off.”

Several neighbors also heard the commotion early Saturday morning.

Geraldine Keams lives around the corner from the crash scene. She says her husband was jolted awake after 2 AM Saturday by loud music blaring from an “electric car” that was circling the neighborhood.

“He heard the sound like maybe they’re kids looking for a place to party, or partying in their car or something,” Kearns said to KTLA. “And it was very heartfelt for us to hear especially that these were young people with their whole lives ahead of them… and for such a tragedy to happen.”

Residents from the area say that speeding is common near the site of the crash and are hoping Pasadena officials will take safety measures.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the families of all of the victims, and individual fundraisers have been started for Pfiefer and Newquist.

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