Discover how seemingly unrelated actions can contribute to accident liability.

Unexpected Factors: Surprising Ways You Could Be Held Responsible for an Accident

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Determining responsibility for an accident is sometimes more complex than it seems, as unexpected factors can change the entire case. Even if a person was not directly involved in the accident, they may be deemed responsible because their actions or inactions did contribute to causing it.

In this article, we’ll share some of these situations:

Incorrect Information

Providing false or incorrect information to authorities, your insurer, or other parties involved in an accident could deem you responsible, as this can significantly affect the resolution of the case and result in legal consequences against you.

Abandoned Vehicle

If you own a vehicle and decide to abandon it in an unsafe location with the potential to cause an accident or damage to third parties, you could be considered responsible even if you are not present at the time of the incident.

Poor Maintenance

If someone experiences an accident on your property due to poor maintenance, such as poorly maintained carpets or stairs, or particular circumstances like an unmarked slippery floor, you could be considered responsible for the injuries.

Lending Your Vehicle

If you lend your car to someone else and they cause an accident, you could be considered responsible, especially if you knew that person was not fit to drive.

Bad Influences

You could be considered responsible if you negatively influence someone’s driving ability, distract them, start an argument, or show them something on your cellphone.

Unlicensed Driving

If you allow an unlicensed person to drive your vehicle, you will also share part of the responsibility for the damages caused by the accident.

It is vital to understand that liability in accident cases is complex and always depends on specific circumstances. To thoroughly understand the case details and how to obtain fair compensation, consult a specialized attorney.

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About the Author
Yosi Yahoudai is a founder and the managing partner of J&Y. His practice is comprised primarily of cases involving automobile and motorcycle accidents, but he also represents people in premises liability lawsuits, including suits alleging dangerous conditions of public property, third-party criminal conduct, and intentional torts. He also has expertise in cases involving product defects, dog bites, elder abuse, and sexual assault. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California and is admitted to practice in all California State Courts, and the United States District Court for the Southern District of California. If you have any questions about this article, you can contact Yosi by clicking here.