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The Effects of Airbag Deployment on Your Car Accident Claim

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

When a car collision causes your airbag to deploy, the insurance company will know right away that the crash most likely involved high speeds and substantial impact. Airbags are not supposed to deploy when two cars merely tap bumpers. As a result, the insurance company will not be surprised that someone got injured in the accident.

A California car accident attorney can answer your questions about the types of monetary damages you might pursue and the effects of airbag deployment in your car accident claim. Also, a lawyer can handle your injury claim on your behalf so that you can focus your energy and attention on recuperating from your wounds. 

What Happens if the Airbag Did Not Inflate

The claims adjuster will try to minimize the value of your injury claim if your airbag did not inflate, making a blanket statement that the crash must not have been significant if the airbag did not deploy. There are three reasons why this assumption by the adjuster is incorrect: 

  • Even if the crash did not involve high speeds, many people suffer debilitating injuries from low-speed crashes. For example, a person who had previous back or neck injuries might become paralyzed from a fender bender.
  • There are multiple factors that go into the design of airbag inflators. The speed of the vehicles and force of the impact are only two factors. The software calculates the need for deployment based on those two items plus where the contact occurs, the weight of the driver, and other factors. 
  • Like any other software, airbag deployment software could fail. The airbag itself might be defective. Also, a faulty or malfunctioning sensor could be the reason why the airbag did not deploy.

Still, your lawyer will have to argue this point with the insurance company because the adjuster’s first inclination will be to use the lack of airbag deployment as an excuse not to pay you much money for your injuries. 

Dangerous Airbags

Numerous airbags got recalled because they had a defective design that caused them to explode, rather than inflate, and to deploy in minor accidents. Rather than protecting the vehicle occupant with a cushioning bag of air, an exploding airbag propels jagged bits of hard plastic and metal into the chest, face, and neck of the driver. Exploding airbags can cause lethal injuries. 

When a situation like this happens, the driver will have injuries from the defective airbag as well as whatever injuries they suffered from the collision. You might have a claim against the at-fault party for causing the accident as well as against the airbag manufacturer for the additional wounds the defective airbag inflicted. Since each of the defendants will try to blame the other for your injuries, you will want to get guidance from a California personal injury attorney on your injury claim or claims. You do not have to go through this process by yourself. We can negotiate directly with the insurance company and advocate aggressively on your behalf for the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact our office today, we gladly offer a free consultation.

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