Sacramento State students concerned after on-campus sexual battery

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Campus police said the same suspect has been seen loitering around in the tunnel since the night of the crime.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento State University students are on high alert after campus police warned them about a sexual battery reported on-campus.

Police said it happened a week ago at the Hornet Tunnel, and the suspect is still out there. The tunnel is known for being one of the most traveled areas at the university.

“I use this tunnel pretty frequently,” said Elle Gedney.

Gedney, a sophomore, said she received an email Tuesday night, notifying students of the sexual battery.

Sacramento State police said it happened around 9:20 p.m. May 8. The suspect approached another person in the Hornet Tunnel and squeezed their bottom.

“When you come on campus, you’re thinking it’s like a safe environment, and so it is really unfortunate that someone was being harassed,” said student Nakia Davidson.

Police said the suspect was 5’9” and wearing a dark-colored baseball hat, a black hoodie with the phrase ‘I am Black History’ in white lettering, light-colored pants and tennis shoes.

“It’s upsetting that people think they can take advantage of somebody else,” said Gedney. “And it’s upsetting that it happens so causally, and there’s no repercussions for the person who did it… it’s very frustrating people like this can make other people afraid.”

Campus police said the same suspect has been seen loitering around in the tunnel since the night of the crime.

Another Sacramento State student was attacked and robbed on campus in April. Students believe it’s happening because of the school’s location.

“There is pretty easy access to the campus; it’s just open,” said Davidson.

Students would like to see better lighting, especially since coming to campus at night is sometimes unavoidable.

Sacramento State police are actively investigating the incident, and anyone with information is asked to come forward if they know anything about the battery or similar crimes.

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