Pro-Palestinian protesters take over condemned hall at UC Berkeley, police say

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) — Pro-Palestinian protesters took over Anna Head Alumnae Hall at UC Berkeley on Wednesday afternoon, police said. UC police say protesters have hopped the fence, broken windows and unfurled banners at the hall.

“Police are responding to what is a crime in progress. The building is a closed, unsafe, fire-damaged building adjacent to the park,” said Dan Mogulof, UC Berkeley spokesperson.

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There was initially a thought that many of these protesters were here for the 55th anniversary of People’s Park, but by Wednesday night many of them were focused on talking about Gaza.

All of this comes just one day after a compromise was reached to disband the encampment on the campus of UC Berkeley. While the protest has been peaceful, there is graffiti covering parts of this Alumnae Hall building and we have seen online videos showing the same inside. You’re first going to first hear from a woman who is here supporting the people of Gaza. Then you’ll hear from a man who is upset with organizers saying he doesn’t know who they are or what the message is.

“Why was the building taken over?” asked ABC7 News reporter J.R. Stone to a protester.

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“I didn’t take over the building but we are resisting with Palestinians who are the bravest, strongest, and tenacious resistors that I ever heard of,” responded a woman named Bevi.

“Only want to focus on Gaza when their own backyard has problems, they took our park we have homelessness all throughout California. The issues of our modern world are endless that are local, but none of these people are local, and none seem to care about the local issues all they care about is Gaza and overseas,” said Nicholas Alexander of Berkeley.

The question right now: will this be cleared and will arrests be made? That is unknown.

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