Massive tree destroys Monrovia home, van

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

MONROVIA, Calif. – A massive tree fell onto a home in Monrovia, leaving the structure and a van parked in the driveway obliterated.

SkyFOX over the scene shows a red tag on one of the tree branches, as well as traffic cones in front of the home. 

There were two people and two dogs inside when it happened Wednesday around 7 p.m., FOX 11 has learned. They are all okay. 

Andrew, a neighbor who lives right next door, told FOX 11 his wife heard the exact moment the tree toppled onto the home. 

“She said it sounded like an earthquake… and she said the house was shaking,” he said.

Andrew pointed out the proximity his living room and bedroom was to the fallen tree. 

“You can see the front door here in the front, that’s about ten feet. So yeah, they were in the front part of the house when it happened,” he said.

The two residents and their dogs made a harrowing escape, Andrew said. 

“So most of the house collapsed, and they had to crawl out of the back part of the house and into my backyard and come out this way,” he said.

The residents were “very shaken,” Andrew added, but “they had a lot of gratitude that they were okay.” 

“Their pets were in a crate and they were very shaken up.”

It’s unknown what may have caused the tree to fall, as there was no extreme weather like heavy winds or rain at the time it happened. 

One neighbor said it may have been improper pruning. 

“They didn’t prune the tree properly. It was too heavy all on one side, so even though it was beautiful and it was shady, it was just not pruned the proper way.”

Crews were at the home late into the evening to try to clear the roadway, which is on a major street.

“I heard noise, and I was facing the window, and then I saw the tree coming down you know?” another neighbor said. “And it was like this dust.”

“At first I didn’t know what it was. Then I saw the tree coming down… so I just grabbed my keys and ran out of the house,” the neighbor added.

Crews are currently at the scene assessing the damage and trying to figure out how to get this tree taken away. 

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