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Lawsuit Against Travis Scott After Multiple Casualties at Astroworld Festival

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Within days of the Astroworld Festival tragedy, in which eight people died and dozens received severe injuries in Houston, an injured concertgoer filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott, the rapper who produced and organized the Astroworld Festival. The lawsuit also names Live Nation, an entertainment company, and Scoremore, a concert producer promoter, as well as other defendants.

The lawsuit against Travis Scott after multiple casualties at the Astroworld festival alleges that plaintiff Manuel Souza got knocked to the ground and trampled by the uncontrolled crowd at the November 5, 2021 concert, resulting in severe bodily injuries. A California personal injury attorney can seek compensation if you or a loved one got hurt at an entertainment event.

What the Lawsuit Says Caused the Astroworld Festival Melee

The defendants face multiple allegations of negligence that the plaintiff says caused the stampede that injured so many people at the concert. The Souza lawsuit accuses the defendants of:

  • Failing “to properly plan and conduct the concert in a safe manner”
  • Actively encouraging dangerous conduct on the part of people attending the concert
  • Ignoring “the extreme risks of harm to concertgoers” 

There were crowd surges early in Travis Scott’s set, which began soon after 9:00 PM. Officials began getting reports of injured people at the concert at about 9:30 PM. Officials soon declared the concert a “mass casualty event.” 

Scott continued to perform for more than half an hour after that point and did not stop the concert until around 10:10 PM. During that time, trampled concert attendees received CPR and got carried out of the venue, but the music still played.

The lawsuit seeks money damages of more than $1,000,000 and asks a jury to determine the amount of money that the defendants should have to pay plaintiff Souza.

Scott’s Response to the Tragic Events at the Astroworld Festival

Travis Scott appeared to be confused as an ambulance drove into the concert venue. In his defense, he later stated that he did not know the severity of the situation. He filmed a video of himself giving a statement about the concert. He said he was devastated by what happened.

More Astroworld Festival Lawsuits by Other Plaintiffs

As of November 20, 2021, two weeks after the concert disaster, plaintiffs have filed nearly 200 lawsuits against Travis Scott, Live Nation, and additional defendants. These are early days, so there could well be more lawsuits in time.

Two more people died from their injuries as of November 17, 2021, taking the death total to 10. Some estimates say that hundreds of people sustained injuries at the concert.

One lawsuit asks for damages in the amount of $2 billion. Another lawsuit demands $750 million.

With so many lawsuits focused on essentially the same facts, the court might consolidate the case into multidistrict litigation (MDL). MDL allows for the efficient management of cases that make substantially the same allegations against one or more defendants. Rather than every individual plaintiff having to request the same information from the defendants, a judge assigned to an MDL could group the cases and allow the sharing of information by plaintiffs. A California personal injury attorney can seek to hold an individual or organization accountable if their carelessness causes you injury or loss. Get in touch with our office for a free consultation.

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