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How a Back Injury Affects Your Life

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Many people get back injuries in car accidents, on the job, in slip and fall accidents, and by other means. Those who have never hurt their back before might not appreciate how a back injury affects your life. Having a slipped disc, fractured vertebrae, strained muscle, spinal cord damage, or another back injury can be life-changing, whether temporarily or for the long term.

Your life might not be the same after a back injury. Even if you fully recover from your wound, you might be more susceptible to a back injury in the future. You could get sidelined when you least expect it. A California personal injury attorney could talk to you and evaluate whether you might pursue a claim against the party responsible for your back injury.

Lost Wages

Depending on the nature and severity of your back injury, you might not be able to work for a few weeks or even months. If you do not receive this same amount of wages or salary because of your injury, you have a financial hardship because of the lost income.

Some people have to reduce their working hours or take a lower-paying position because of pain, weakness, or other ongoing problems after a back injury. These situations can cause long-term financial harm to you by decreasing your earning capacity for the future.

Medical Bills

Usually, people seek medical attention for a back injury. You might have doctor bills, specialist fees, diagnostic procedures, surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy, and pain management expenses. 

Sometimes, people have to seek treatment for a back injury repeatedly because of recurring problems over time. Also, if you had to undergo an operation for your back injury, you might have to have follow-up procedures down the road.


People often complain that they have limitations for the rest of their lives after a significant back injury. They can no longer sit or stand for long periods of time. They cannot lift heavy objects. They might not be able to participate in their favorite sport or recreation. The limitations can lead to a decline in fitness and health because it hurts too much to be physically active. You might have a loss of enjoyment of life if you can no longer engage in the activities you used to enjoy.

Pain and Suffering

People who suffer from frequent pain for months or years on end know that chronic pain can make one’s life miserable. If you take pain pills to relieve the discomfort, you might have to go through your days in a mental fog. If you do not take pain medication, being in constant pain will lead to exhaustion. 

The Emotional Toll of a Back Injury

After a back injury, the medical bills can pile up, your income might decrease, and your future could look bleak. Add to this mix relentless pain, and it is not surprising that people with significant back injuries can develop emotional consequences like depression, stress, and anxiety. If you suffered a significant back injury, you might want to talk to a California personal injury attorney about your legal options. For legal assistance contact our office today, we offer a free consultation.

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Yosi Yahoudai is a founder and the managing partner of J&Y. His practice is comprised primarily of cases involving automobile and motorcycle accidents, but he also represents people in premises liability lawsuits, including suits alleging dangerous conditions of public property, third-party criminal conduct, and intentional torts. He also has expertise in cases involving product defects, dog bites, elder abuse, and sexual assault. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of California and is admitted to practice in all California State Courts, and the United States District Court for the Southern District of California. If you have any questions about this article, you can contact Yosi by clicking here.