Fontana police release bodycam footage of traffic stop turned shooting

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

The Fontana Police Department released new body camera footage of a routine traffic stop turned shooting, after an armed man put an officer in a headlock.

The encounter on Feb. 9, began with an officer informing the driver about a missing front license plate and dark window tint. Chief Michael Dorsey of the Fontana Police described it as a “very relaxed conversation” between the officer and the driver.

The situation quickly escalated when knives were spotted inside the vehicle. The officer requested the driver, identified as Alan Metka of Fontana, to step out of the car. As the primary officer conducted a routine check, it was revealed that Metka had a prior criminal record related to firearm possession and had recently been released from county jail after explosive devices were found in his car.

During a pat-down search, the second officer, a considerably smaller stature compared to Metka, discovered a gun in his pocket.

In a frightening moment captured on body cam footage, Metka put the officer in a headlock, prompting her partner to intervene. Faced with the threat of a firearm, lethal force was used to subdue Metka, resulting in him being shot while the officer managed to escape with minor injuries.

Chief Dorsey commended the bravery and quick thinking of the officers involved, particularly highlighting the resilience of the officer who faced Metka head-on.

“And knowing that he has a gun based on her verbalizing that to him he used lethal force in order to stop that threat as quick as he could,” said Dorsey. “She is a tenacious police officer. She has vigor and Is aid earlier, heart of a lion.”

Metka survived the gun wounds and remains in jail awaiting trial. He faces several charges, including assaulting an officer and possession of explosives, as authorities discovered additional explosive devices in his car.

Both officers involved in the traffic stop have since returned to duty.

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