Family suing Dublin Unified School District after student is shot with Orbeez gun

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

A high school senior in the East Bay is recovering from a serious eye injury after being shot by an Orbeez gun. 

It happened in the school parking lot during the so called “assassins game” — an unsanctioned competition amongst seniors that involves students using toy guns to shoot at other students.

Last Wednesday, the victim, who does not want to be identified, was just sitting in her car in the school parking lot and was unfortunately on the receiving end of this dangerous game.

“I’m kind of just sitting there like in shock and I’m worried if there’s something seriously wrong with my eye … It hurt,” she said.

Doctors have diagnosed her with blunt force trauma, and she says it’s unclear if she’ll ever regain vision in her right eye.

Now, a lawyer for the family says they’re taking legal action against the Dublin Unified School District as the victim recovers from this life-changing injury.

“We know the school district had notice that students were using these guns on campus. They had notice even that they were using them during this school year,” said attorney Ashley Meyers. 

The school district did put out a safety alert two weeks ago, warning parents about the dangers of the assassins game. Making it clear it’s unsanctioned, and those who take part in the game could face serious consequences.

A spokesperson for the school district says they are aware of this incident and said it’s now under investigation by Dublin police.

As for the victim, she’s frustrated her way of life has been upended as a result of a game that she feels could have been prevented.

“It kind of discourages me to go to school a little bit because you know, you go there for your education and come home with one less eye,” she said.

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