E-bike riders in Southern California torment crowd with fireworks

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

A group of E-bike riders near the Hermosa Beach Pier had nighttime revelers scrambling after launching illegal fireworks in the crowded entertainment district Saturday.  

According to authorities at the Hermosa Beach Police Department, the incident happened around 8:30 p.m. near Hermosa and Pier avenues.  

Footage of the incident captured a large illegal firework setoff on the beach near a lifeguard stand. Just moments later, around a half-dozen E-bike riders, all of whom appear to be juveniles, are seen riding away from the explosion and into a crowded area on Pier Avenue lined with bars, restaurants and other shops.  

The E-bikers come to a stop and form a small scrum before several of them break away and another one tosses an illegal firework into the crowded scene.  

A family with three young children standing nearby were sent running as the explosion shot fireworks into the crowd, striking several people.  

Authorities told KTLA that there were several minor injuries, though none requiring hospitalization.  

According to the Instagram account south.bay.responders, the fireworks were ignited right off the patio of Sharkeez bar, promoting patrons to evacuate. The account also alleged that one woman was hit in the face by a firework and that the window of the Baked Bear restaurant was hit as well.

Officials in Hermosa Beach have been trying to reign in and regulate E-bikes.  

In a special June 4 meeting, the Hermosa Beach City Council passed an emergency ordinance regulating off-road E-bikes, which have exploded in popularity in recent years. 

South Bay residents have recently voiced concern over unruly teenagers riding recklessly on city streets, typically in large groups along the Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach strands near the piers. 

“Mostly what I see is [them] going at breakneck speeds and traveling in big bands,” a Hermosa Beach resident named Greg told KTLA. “It’s almost like there’s that little kid energy where they don’t necessarily follow the rules.”  

“I wish they would actually stop at stop signs,” he added. “I’m always afraid I’m going to clip some 12-year-old.” 

In one incident on May 22, juveniles damaged a mural and other areas throughout Hermosa Beach; three days later, officers served the juvenile and their guardian a citation before impounding the E-bike. 

As for the juveniles involved in Saturday night’s incident, police told KTLA that several of them were briefly detained before being released to their parents.  

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