Death in the Slow Lane: Truck Accident Law in California

Are commercial trucks subject to specific safety laws and regulations?

While many may joke about driving on the California freeways, a recent truck accident tragedy on the 5 Freeway in Gorman reminds us how grave the consequences of sharing the roadways with the big rigs can be.

On June 28, 2016, the unthinkable happened. Two families traveling together in a Toyota minivan were involved in a fender bender with a BMW at about 4:00 am. While allegedly stopped between the slow lane and the shoulder after the accident, a big rig rolling down the highway in the pre-dawn darkness plowed into the minivan, causing it to burst into flames and careen down an embankment with two moms and four young children on board.

The two frantic fathers, along with police officers arriving on the scene, desperately tried to get the families out, but unfortunately their efforts were unsuccessful. All of the occupants died at the scene and the two surviving fathers were taken to the hospital with serious burns. It’s impossible to imagine the pain of these grieving fathers and the suffering of their wives and children.

If you’ve been injured, or if a loved one has been injured or killed, in a truck accident that was caused by someone else, it’s imperative you contact an attorney experienced in truck accident law, personal injury law, and wrongful death claims as soon as possible after the crash. While no amount of money can ever compensate for such tragic losses, a financial settlement or recovery can help survivors begin to put the pieces of their shattered lives back together.

Commercial truck accidents are governed by additional state and federal laws and regulations that are designed to minimize the risk to the public. Truck safety laws address common accident causes, including truck maintenance, truck driver mistakes, distracted driving, bad weather, adverse road conditions, and overweight trailers carrying unsafe or unsecured loads. If you’ve been hit by a truck, it’s important to seek counsel from an attorney with truck accident law experience.

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