Body cam footage shows Southern California police shoot man who attacked officer

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

The Fontana Police Department has released body camera footage from a February incident in which an officer shot and injured a man who allegedly attacked another officer.

An officer shot 56-year-old Alan Metka following a traffic stop on Feb. 9 in the city of Yucaipa. Fontana police released the video on Thursday, showing the incident from the body cameras of both of the involved officers.

The video began with one of the officers, referred to as the “primary officer,” speaking to Metka after pulling him over for lacking a front license plate and for tinted windows. The pair start to speak about Metka’s criminal history when Metka admits to serving 11 months in prison for possessing explosives.

At that point, the primary officer asked Metka if anything illegal was inside his vehicle. Metka said there wasn’t.

Metka then exits the vehicle and is told by the primary officer to speak to his partner. He asked Metka once again if he had any illegal items or weapons in his possession, and Metka said “No.”

The officer then returns to his patrol vehicle for a few short seconds.

The female officer, referred to as the “secondary officer,” then initiates a pat down of Metka.

In her body camera footage, she asks Metka, “What’s this here,” while patting down his front-right pocket, to which he responds, “My gun.” He then appeared to reach for the gun which turned into a struggle between the two.

A Fontana Police Officer shot and injured Alan Metka after Metka allegedly attacked another officer during a traffic stop on February 9, 2024. (Fontana Police Department)

The footage from the primary officer shows Metka holding the secondary officer in a headlock. She then shouted, “he’s got a gun,” prompting the primary officer to yell “Let her go,” repeatedly.

When Metka refused, the primary officer fired a single shot at Metka, injuring him. The video shows Metka lying down in a pool of blood and he can be heard moaning in pain.

Fontana Police Chief Michael Dorsey said Metka was rendered medical aid at the scene and was transported to a local hospital. He survived his injuries and was charged with assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer.

The officers were uninjured in the incident. Metka’s gun was recovered at the scene.

Dorsey said Metka, who is awaiting trial, has an “extensive criminal history” with multiple weapons and assault arrests. The incident remains under investigation through the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office.

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