Antioch Police Impound 6 Vehicles, Make Multiple Arrests During Sideshows

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Antioch Police Chief Brian Addington provided an update to the dozen sideshows that occurred Saturday in the City of Antioch.

Antioch Police impounded 6 vehicles, 11 arrests/cites were issued and possession of 1 stolen vehicle.

Here is what Chief Addington provided Sunday via email:

“From about 2 pm to 9 pm, Antioch Police Department responded to about a dozen reports of sideshows at differing locations throughout the city. Officers responded to each report and continued to disrupt the activity, and the participants continued to different places, including areas outside of the city. Sideshow activity was also reported in Pittsburg.

As the afternoon wore on, the behavior of the sideshow participants and spectators took a turn for the worse. Their increasing belligerence was evident as they began to challenge our officers, even throwing items at them and opening fire hydrants. This unacceptable behavior was captured in several videos that have been posted online. 

APD impounded six vehicles (30-day impound), and 11 were arrested/cited for sideshow activity or possession of a stolen vehicle. We also have evidence of gunshots during some of the events, and two stolen vehicles were recovered. No injuries were reported. Additional follow-up is being conducted, and additional impounds and arrests may occur. We are also actively working to identify the organizers.

APD Officers and dispatchers demonstrated exceptional professionalism in handling these calls. We thank our law enforcement partners in East County, including CHP, the Sheriff’s Office, Brentwood Police, and Pittsburg Police, for their support. 

Chief Addington

Antioch City Councilmember Mike Barbanica has attempted to bring forward a sideshow ordinance multiple times since 2022 only to have the majority city council of Mayor Lamar Hernandez-Thorpe, Mayor Pro Tem Monica Wilson and Councilmember Tamisha Torres-Walker to dismiss it.

“I have brought a sideshow ordinance forward multiple times which the majority city council has either rejected it or watered it down. If they are serious about giving our police department tools to combat illegal sideshows, I encourage them to join me in creating and passing an ordinance not only fining organizers, but also participants and spectators while also impounding vehicles.”

Back in March, the council rejected a watered down version of the sideshow ordinance Barbanica proposed. At the meeting, it was determined to be an “Absolutely Useless” Sideshow Ordinance going after organizers, but did not address participants or spectators.

During the meeting, Mayor Pro Tem Monica Wilson admitted the ordinance was “weak” but wanted something to pass as a start. Councilmembers Mike Barbanica called it “absolutely useless”, while  Lori Ogorhcock said the ordinance did not go far enough.


Mayor Hernandez-Thorpe released a video statement Saturday

On Saturday, Mayor Lamar Hernandez-Thorpe issued a video statement calling it an “unprecedented event” with 10-sideshows and says the police department will use its technology to identify and arrest people.

“I will say this is a good example of why the sideshow ordinance was so key in trying to dismantle these sideshows from even coming to Antioch in the first place,” said Hernandez-Thorpe. “Unfortunately, the council decided to play politics and not pass the sideshow ordinance.”

Thorpe justified the ordinance saying it gave law enforcement the tool to prosecute individuals on the front-end who were organizing sideshows.

“I am going to be bringing it back as I promised I would so we can get this ordinance passed and give this tool to law enforcement to hold people accountable on the front-end and not the back-end,” stated Hernandez-Thorpe.

He also addressed the young people seen in videos and addressed the parents who will also be held accountable.

“I am particularly disturbed by some of the video I have seen. It’s unfortunate to see so many young people running around on these streets,” said Hernandez-Thorpe. “All I can say is parents have a responsibility too and that is to ensure that your young people have respect for the law and more importantly have respect for people’s quality of life. Its not fair that we have to live with this type of nonsense in our community and I am not going to tolerate it and I hope others don’t as well.”

He added these vehicles are registered to parents and they would be paying “hefty fines” and hold you accountable for these actions.

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