Airplane Accidents: Real Life and Silver Screen

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Who can sue for damages in the event of an airplane accident?

“Get off my plane!”~ Air Force One 1997

It’s one of those epic movie quotes delivered by a man whose superb acting ability is surpassed only by his ability to survive an airplane accident…or three.

Airplane accidents often yield catastrophic losses, leaving victims dead or suffering from severe and long-term injuries. Such accidents might be caused by pilot error, air traffic control negligence, poor repairs or maintenance, engine failure, and more. Accident victims or their survivors may often seek compensation for their physical, emotional and financial suffering through a personal injury or wrongful death action– provided they can prove another person or entity caused or contributed to their injuries or their loved one’s death.

Damages in a personal injury action may include current and future medical costs, lost income, property damage, pain and suffering, and more. If the victim died, their medical and funeral expenses, loss of support, and other damages may be recoverable by close surviving family members or their estate, depending on the particular case.

On the silver screen, Harrison Ford’s Hans Solo maneuvered the Millennium Falcon like a pro in Star Wars. And he was the baddest US President on board the hijacked Air Force One in the movie of the same name.

But in real life, the friendly skies have sometimes eluded him.

In 2015, Ford was reportedly seriously injured when he skillfully crash landed one of his vintage planes on a Los Angeles golf course due to engine failure. Before that, he reportedly crashed a helicopter in 1999 and then crashed a six-seater plane the following year in Nebraska. The odds against surviving a single airplane accident are generally not favorable– yet Ford has survived three known crashes to date.

The skilled (and lucky) actor-pilot is involved in an investigation regarding a potential close call recently between a single engine plane allegedly piloted by Ford and a Boeing 737 awaiting takeoff. The investigation surrounds the pilot reportedly landing on a taxiway instead of on the runway he was allegedly instructed to arrive on. Discipline, if any, may range from a warning letter to revocation of his pilot’s license, depending on the outcome of the investigation.

No matter how skilled a pilot may be, human error, weather, mechanical problems and other potential perils face airline passengers on the ground and in the air each day.

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