‘A legal issue and a political issue’: Camp Resolution files lawsuit against City of Sacramento

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

The lawsuit alleges the city breached its contract by terminating the lease at Camp Resolution.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A group representing the unhoused is suing the City of Sacramento. They say the city is going back on its word as they force people to leave what’s become known as Camp Resolution. The camp is expected to pack up by May 16.

Camp Resolution is a homeless encampment off Colfax Street in North Sacramento. Residents have been able to live there after the city and Safe Ground Sacramento agreed to lease it last spring. In April, the city said it was going to terminate the lease over a water board zoning variance saying the area has contaminated soil.

“We’re not all druggies. We’re not all strung out. There’s a lot of people out there with mental health problems, and then you guys, none of them with the city, you guys aren’t helping them like you’re supposed to,” said Camp Resolution Tammy Myler.

Sacramento Homeless Union attorney Anthony Prince says they’re suing the city for violating its contract with Safe Ground Sacramento.

“Let me start by saying that this is a clear cut case of breach of contract. This is a legal issue and a political issue,” said Prince.

The lawsuit says the residents at Camp Resolution have endured multiple traumatic sweeps. Those named in lawsuit included Assistant City Manager Mario Lara, City Manager Howard Chan, Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho.

“Mr. Lara is in for a rude awakening when he realizes that you can’t just breach contracts, tear up agreements, and that there’ll be a consequence,” said Prince.

A spokesperson for the city manager’s office provided ABC10 with this statement:

“The City has attempted to work with the organizers of Camp Resolution numerous times and has offered them a new safe parking location, including moving them and the trailers to this new site.

The City also has been willing to discuss Safe Ground Sacramento’s idea of building affordable housing at the Colfax Street site provided that residents move off of the soil, where they are not permitted to be under the existing variance from the State Water Board and the requirements of the lease agreement. Furthermore, we have tried to have our Department of Community Response work with the residents at the site to get them enrolled in services and help them find alternative living accommodations.

Unfortunately, the Sacramento Homeless Union has not been open to the City’s repeated offers to collaborate and find solutions for the campers. The City cannot ignore the campers who consistently refuse to avoid tent camping on contaminated soil. Tent camping on contaminated soil is wrong, and the lessee of the site, Safe Ground Sacramento, the organizers of the site, the Sacramento Homeless Union, and the campers know it.

The City finds the Sacramento Homeless Union’s unwillingness to work together toward meaningful solutions to the issues at Camp Resolution both dispiriting and disappointing, and we will respond to their complaint once it has been received and reviewed.”

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