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7 Things to do if Someone is Road Raging on You

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

Road rage is when another driver on the road becomes enraged due to an altercation or perceived slight while in traffic. Being the victim of road rage while driving in California can be incredibly scary, with the raging driver hurling insults, profanities, and even threats at you.

Not only can road rage be scary and intimidating, but it can also result in physical harm by the other driver. There is the possibility that their aggressive driving can cause an accident as well, and even though victims are allowed to work with a California personal injury attorney to recover damages, the best outcome is to not become injured at all. Here are the best things to do if someone is road-raging on you.

Isolate & Secure

Once you notice that someone has become overtaken by road rage and is targeting you, keep yourself safe. Immediately lock the doors and roll up the windows. This can be incredibly important in heavy traffic when it may be possible to leave the vehicle. 

Get Vehicle Information

In the event that the situation quickly escalates or results in property damage, and you don’t have the time or ability late to get the information, gather what you can immediately. Try to get the license plate number, as well as the make and model of the offender’s vehicle. 

Don’t Escalate the Situation

The main goal when someone is road-raging on you is to underreact, or not react at all. Just about any reaction that you make can end up escalating the situation. Don’t make eye contact, don’t honk, and don’t return any of their gestures or insults. 

Get Out of the Way

If you can, get out of their way entirely, and let them go be upset somewhere else. Put your turn signal on and move over as soon as it is safe to do so, and simply allow them to pass you by. Once they pass, let them create more distance between you.

Give Them Space

If you happen to be stuck behind someone who is road raging, in heavy city traffic, for example, give them plenty of space. Traffic jams can make even the most civil drivers into stressed-out messes. Be sure you aren’t creeping up too closely behind other drivers either, as this can sometimes trigger road rage episodes. 

Find a Safe Place

If you are concerned for your safety, do not simply go home as a persistent road rager can follow you home and present the danger of an altercation. Drive to a well-lit location with other people, like a police station or large store, but do not get out of your car.

Reach Out for Professional Legal Help

If you have been involved in a road rage incident that resulted in you suffering injury or damages due to another driver’s actions, you may be able to recover compensation for those damages. Reach out to our personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation today. 

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About the Author
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