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‘I’m furious’: Santee father says daughter was inappropriately touched by classmate at school

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

The Santee School District has been investigating a complaint that one student inappropriately touched another last month.

For Jacob Poynor, the father of the 6-year-old who was allegedly touched, it’s been a month of investigation, back-and-forth emails and phone calls with Cajon Park Elementary School administrators.

The children involved are both in kindergarten, Poynor said.

He is taking matters into his own hands. Every day since Tuesday, he has been out in front of his daughter’s school and the district office with a sign strapped to his pickup that reads: “Own your actions. Are you OK with sexual battery? Send your kids to this school.”

“I don’t know if this was the right thing to do, but at the same time, I don’t know what other options we have,” Poynor said. “It’s well beyond frustrating. I’m furious. Shockingly, I’ve kept my cool.”

Poynor received both positive and negative remarks from parents about his truck sign.

“Everyone has a right to free speech. We’ve seen a lot of support from parents of Cajon Park. Families at that school trust the administration and the process,” Santee School District spokesperson Cori Harris said during a phone interview.

The school could not share details about the incident they’re investigating because it was reported to be between two students.

Poynor says that on Feb. 8, a female classmate covered his daughter’s lap with her coat and then began Inappropriately touching her while in a kindergarten classroom. The teacher was there, and so were other students, according to Poynor.

“That teacher and co-teacher took my daughter in another room and questioned her without my wife or my approval, and we hadn’t even been notified at the time,” Poynor said.

He says he complained to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and Child Protective Services.

A historic piece of state legislation that went into effect in 2019 may leave him little legal recourse. The law effectively stopped the prosecution of children under the age of 12 with the few exceptions that include the most serious crimes. Instead, families and school districts are responsible for doling out any age-appropriate consequences that are necessary.

“The administration followed proper protocols,” Harris said. “The district investigation is complete. Both families have been notified of the resolution, but the district is not finished handling the situation.”

The district spokesperson told NBC 7 other parents of students in the classroom were not officially notified because it was deemed an isolated incident.

Poynor says his daughter used to be a happy-go-lucky kid.

“It’s different now. She’s much more reserved and quiet, not completely, but certainly not my loving daughter,” Poynor said.

Poynor pulled his daughter out of the school on Thursday. The family is not planning to let her go back until they are satisfied that she is safe.

A sheriff’s department spokesperson told NBC 7 that they are aware of the complaint but because of the sensitive nature of the incident, they cannot say anything more.

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