3 Airlifted, 4 Others Injured in Marsh Creek Road Vehicle Crash

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

At 7:40 pm Friday, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to a report of a head-on crash on Marsh Creek Road near Walnut in unincorporated Contra Costa County near Brentwood.

The crash left a total of 7 people injured, which prompted Contra Costa County Fire to request multiple medical helicopters—3 total for three patients who were critical, which included a pediatric patient, an adult and a teenager.

Another 4-patients were also injured—3 with moderate injuries and another with minor injuries.

Fire crews worked around the availability of AMR units and medical helicopters as ambulances were at level 0, meaning none were available across the county. They also had issues with getting medical helicopters to the scene with the third one coming from 45-minutes away (Napa/Santa Rosa area). AMR units were coming from the City of Martinez.

CHP Officer Emmanuel Mendoza Martinez confirmed the two vehicle head-on crash and that it was under investigation. No other information was released.

By 9:20 pm Friday, Marsh Creek Road had been re-opened.

Note – While this incident was going on, a medical helicopter was also requested to another incident in the city of Antioch for a pediatric patient. No information on that incident has been released.


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