2 Delano High School student deaths in a single day shakes community

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By Yosi Yahoudai
Founder and Managing Partner

DELANO, Calif. (KGET) — In any small city like Delano, losing one teenager is a tragic community-wide incident, but losing two on the same day is almost unheard of.

The tragic incident happened 10 days ago, and people within Delano are still left with unanswered questions. Authorities haven’t released the names of the two students.

“One of the things that I did share is that Delano High School District is very saddened by the passing of two students,” said Rene Ayon, Director of Student Services of Delano High School District. “Both students were Delano High School students.”

Delano High School was informed by police of both deaths on Jan. 30. Just nine days later, the first details were shared by Delano Police through a statement on social media. Police would not detail what happened to him, but court documents show 20-year-old Mario Enriquez was arrested and charged with battery with serious bodily injury and false imprisonment by violence.

The Delano High School District says that same day, Jan. 30, another student also died. The death was attributed to “medical reasons.” The high school offered mental health counseling and group activities for classmates of the dead students.

“Whether it be writing cards to the families, sharing their condolences, sending messages to the families via posters, we did that,” said Ayon. “We had a balloon release as well at lunch time.”

Delano police could not provide Friday. The department’s offices were closed. The Kern County District Attorney’s Office told 17 News that Enriquez was charged with battery with serious bodily injury, corporal injury to a child, false imprisonment by violence, and possession of a large-capacity magazine.

An autopsy is pending and more charges could be added. Enriquez pleaded not guilty to all charges and is out on bail.

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